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  1. The OP was looking for someone to blame i merely suggested a likely candidate   That is what is wrong in the uk nowadays its always someone elses fault with the blame culture if you cannot drive in the poor conditions then don't  I for one would love to see snow and ice we never realy get any here now
  2. I agree totaly that it is the drivers choice whether to drive or not the council do not need to grit the roads it is not them who make the ice sue your lord and master
  3. [quote] You certainly see a lot more new/newer cars on the road around here than I ever recall, suggesting that the French are starting to buy more new cars than they used to. Matt [/quote] All the better for me then as newer cars break even more !!
  4. I intend to specialise in whatever i can make a reasonable sum on [:)] cars seem to be kept for longer in france without the badge snobery of the uk so will be repaired when in the uk they would get scrapped I know that run of the mill stuff is easy enough to come by and i already do this in the uk so have good contacts and know my market Was also looking at left hand drive cars in the uk to import to france but the paperwork and timescale would probably mean this is not worthwhile except for certain models I do not want to become a millionaire overnight just enough to live on I am also interested in renewable energy and am hoping i would get more time to dable with this
  5. I am thinking more of larger items to be honest engines especially and no im not looking at being an extension to england i intend to learn french properly i can do some but would need to learn more Certain parts are plentifull in the uk at much lower prices than i have seen in france  
  6. Looking for some input on this idea i have been doing some research into cars and spares prices between uk and france as im sure some of you know prices for cars in france are much higher than in uk I work at the momment in the motor trade  selling mainly second hand parts prefer this to doing repairs !! I feel i could make a reasonable living cherrypicking the best/easiest to sell parts in the uk and taking them to france to sell as some parts seem to be worth much more in france I would be living in france full time so would be paying tax etc in france but would travel to uk monthly to collect parts trying to find some info regarding import duties if any and any rules regs regarding selling second hand parts in france   There are some regs to deal with in the uk but nothing to difficult do not know where to look for french rules   can anyone offer any help ?   Gary
  7. well i am now back in uk still no v5 !! but i must say driving in france was very easy once you master the roundabouts :) French drivers seem much more laid back and drive slower than in uk or was i just lucky ?
  8. Hi all new to site will be travelling to france shortly just wondered i have just bought a car and i do not have the v5 in my name yet and have read that this is required would the reciept from the seller and some portions of the v5 be enough as with the postal strikes etc i doubt i will get the full one soon !!
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