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  1. Hi I have recently become an 'Avon Lady' and thought some of you out there might like to consider doing the same in your area. I am finding a captive audience among French and English people alike. There is no initial outlay (one of the main reasons I started doing it) I can give you more info if you are interested. It's good fun too!
  2. 85190 - near Aizenay. Have lived here since 2000 - love it!
  3. So Sorry, Ernie I didnt mean anything sinister! As Sue said, my nightly half pill was what I was after!! Thank you so much for caring xx
  4. Maybe But at 61 and on his 2nd heart attack in 5 years, working 7 days a week for up to 12 hours a day, I think he perhaps deserves it. Anyway, it's not so much wanting to receive benefits, more to stop having to pay out so much each month.  I am so grateful for all the support (especially from Cerise) but, as usual, there is always guaranteed to be one who has to be negative.  I will follow up all your ideas/suggestions and let you know how things go  at the moment, the main thing is this second (third, actually) stent which they need to put in asap, and it's in the main artery. Where are those sleeping pills? xx 
  5. I think he earned about 42000 € last year, but URSSAF take 646 € per month; CIPAV take 450-ish and the RSI 280 €. Plus all the various taxes - just had a demand for 1300 which is a 3rd of the annual Impot sur la Revenu; plus 'top -up', habitation, fonciere, phone, elec, etc, etc. Incroyable! What IS the purpose of URSSAF? Do we get nothing out of it? Is it just to help the VERY poor????
  6. A huge thank you to all, for your various advice. I have, as suggested, contacted the Mairie and (surprise, surprise!) am still awaiting a response! I will let you know what (if anything) happens. Incidentally, we have been here since 2000, and both have paid in 1000's in various taxes and cotisations over the years, but getting some back (or even being able to srop paying temporarily) seems to be the problem for self-employed. We looked into changing to autoentrepreneur status, but cant do that this year, cos hubby earned more than the maximum last year (happy days, even tho more than half went to the various organisations!)   Again, many thanks for your advice & good wishes - hubby is quite jolly, but has to have another stent put in next week. Hey Ho.   xx
  7. I dont know where to turn next! Hubby is self employed, but due to the 'Credit Crunch', has had no work since December. I have informed/asked help and advice from URSSAF, CIPAV and RSI, even the Prefecture, regarding an exoneration from cotisations, but they are still taking our approx 1500 € each month, and, as you can imagine, our bank account is almost empty. Nobody seems to be able to, or prepared to advise, help, or point me in the right direction. I think a 'Radiation' is the only answer, but hubby thinks if he does this, he will not then be able to register as an autoentrepreneur (pay as you earn). He is 61, and , to put the icing on the cake, is now in Soins Intensif, having had an MI yesterday (no doubt brought on by the stress of it all) If there IS anybody out there who could give me sound advice, it would be so appreciated.   Thank you in advance
  8. Hi all Hubby went for the above Orange Pro account (mainly for the speedy repairs offered in the event of a breakdown of internet) The acutal account is costing him 116.01 per month Today's bill is 126.61 in total (including his calls) Considering he has had no work since December, this is crippling! I am looking into cancelling it, but want to know what you all recommend as the most economical, but good, internet access, livebox, etc. I know there are lots of phone people offering good deals on actual calls (uktelecom, phonexpat, etc) but for the internet bit as well, what do you recommend? Sorry about the lack of 'technology-speak,' I dont even understand what an i-pod is!!! Any ideas to bring down our monthly bills would be most gratefully received. THANK YOU xx  
  9. I wonder if anyone can advise, please. Hubby is 61, has been self employed for 15 years (the last 8 in France.) He now has a heart complaint. What would be the situation if he took Doc's advice and 'retired'? He has paid into CIPAV etc since 2000. Also, would he be entitled to anything from UK? Thanks  
  10. Does anyone know of  a reliable insurer who will do this for me please?   Merci d'avance
  11. Hi all We are in Vendee, and hubby has discovered that there seems to be a 'glitch' in the electricity supply EVERY night at 11.55pm. Not enough to put the lights out, but his computers reboot every night! Has anybody else had this, or can anyone shed any light on it before I try to approach EDF!!
  12. Thank you all. I'll pop it into my garage and have it checked - as you say, better safe than sorry. Many thanks again  
  13. Thank you for replying. The lights stay on! It was Controle Techniqued and serviced in October!
  14. Bonjour Are there any mechanics out there? Yesterday, when going to Hyper-U, the Airbag light came on on the dashboard, along with the 'SERV' light (as opposed to the "STOP" light) They are both still on today when I start the engine. Any advice please?? Many thanks
  15. OH   M----E! I hope not! But thanks for the warning x
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