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  1. Excellent , thanks .

    I am only about ten mins from la chat so when i am over end of the month i will check these out.

    I could bring one from uk but its fitting it as my chimney has been closed of for many years i beleive I really would like it put in by proffesionals
  2. We own a home very close to pouzages 85700 and we are looking to have a wood burner fitted , does anyone have any suggestions where to look or indeed any contacts they have used
  3. Sorry for the delay , I have been away , St Gilles ........nice , we like it there , my neibhour ( in France ) also has a house there , yes it is a bit far to exchange local news but if you are about 85700 and we are in the country love to share a glassor 3
  4. Is anyone on this forum from ( or have a home ) in the Vendee` , most of the correspondance seems to be further inland ( deux sevres area ) or further south , surley some people reside in the Vendee !! We have a property in 85700 .

    It would be nice to exchange info eating , going out , shopping etc



    Keith .p

  5. Is there anone on this forum that live or have a property in or near to Pouzages , Reamur  ?? Would like to know more about the region , we have been renovating a farmhouse for nearly four years and we are now starting to `look around the region ` like to know if any Rugby clubs ( to watch only ) Golf clubs  etc etc

    Thanks Keith & Traci


  6. I would like to take my son to the race this year but would like some pointers please, where is the best area to book for a motorhome within the cicuit and when can you get into the cicuit i:e wed / thurs


  7. Hi all

    Sounds like fun , can I come pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease, Renaud do have room to park a motorhome and are kids invited ???????/




  8. Hi

    Well done ! we did the same two years ago this week , notice you are in Swindon , we are in Shrivenham and our house in France is near Reamur - just down the road from you !!!!!!!!!

    Anything you feel you may want to ask get in contact

    Happy grass cutting  ( next door does ours !! )







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