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  1. Excellent thanks .. will check out the site. It wasn't otelo.fr that I ordered the paslode nails from .. it was http://www.ripollp.com Otelo sent me their catalogue, very comprehensive but not really the stuff I'm after. Thanks again.
  2. I did manage to get some paslode nails from the following website: www.otelo.fr delivery was appalling, had to keep emailing / contact them etc but they did finally arrive. Expensive! But needed them for a job. Having spoken to my accountant I know that I can order stuff from the UK or anywhere else and offset as expenses - scratch, paslode nails, hand saws - all cheaper and in hubby's opinion better quality....BUT ... I can't find anyone on the web who is prepared to deliver to FRance ... Has anyone found a company yet? Or again, a French based company ... Here's hoping!
  3. Hi, has anyone found a good online tool / building materials supplier? Don't always get time to get to builders yard. Particularly looking for Paslode nails at the moment ... have found a few places on the web, but recommendation would be nice. Thanks Steph
  4. Glad I managed to get your post back on thread! As mentioned try searching for Menuiserie, Manpower exists here so might be worth doing a search for them - not sure if they have construction jobs - maybe try a search for "agence de placement construction". Also, buy you local paper and look under the job ads - our local paper often has ads from the agencies. Or just go to your nearest big town and look in agency windows, you'll soon find which ones are for construction. And, perhaps go and have a word with your Mairie - he/she will be able to advise on agencies etc. The one advantage of being employed is that you don't have to worry about finding the money for cotistations etc, but if your OH has been self employed he might find it a bit restrictive being on the "9-5", but it would be a good experience - learn different techniques and improve French, plus get to meet other people in the trade and then maybe register self employed at a later date. We don't regret registering the business, this first year has been a bit of a struggle but it takes time to get your name around - 10 months later and things are going well, just have to be disciplined with money etc as there's always another bill to pay! Steph
  5. If he has paper qualifications these will need to be translated. If not he will need to proof that he's run a business before - ie. at least 3 years worth of accounts, again these "might" have to be translated, or you might get away with a translated letter from your UK accountant stating the work he has undertaken in the past. You will need to go to the Chambre de Metiers to register and have an agonising wait to see whether all the paperwork is acceptable! It costs to register each activity you want to undertake - assuming you can proof you can do the different trades ..   My husband registered as a carpenter & roofer this year. Fortunately we have an excellent accountant who sorted out all the paperwork for us and dealt with the Ch de Metiers. My advice would be to find a good accountant to help you. Just bear in mind that once you have registered the cotistations start regardless of whether you are earning. This can be expensive - social contribution, pension, health, public liability & 10 year guarantee, plus van costs etc .. You need to have some pennies in the bank to see you through the early stages. The other alternative is to go to your local construction job agency .. in my area there is a lack of tradesman and there seems to be plenty of work, though not necessarily well paid. If you want any more info, drop me a line. Good luck Steph
  6. I have been offered a RHD 2cv which I definitely going to buy as it was my first ever car - I love them! 2cv's are becoming classic cars and it worth way more than 150 euros .. ! Just have a look on ebay.fr to see how much they can go for, or search on google and see the price of restored ones - you will be quite surprised!  I reckon that even a RHD registered in France is worth a few bob ... Thanks for the address, I'll need that too! Steph www.pwb53.com  
  7. My other dog never needed it doing, evidently Dilly needs it because his number 2's are never solid enough and so don't do the squeezing for him! I was going to be shown how to do it myself by a local ex-vet but I think I would prefer to pay for someone else to do it instead!!!  Apart from the potential problems above, if left too long it makes him scratch all the time and he gets really itchy, not very nice for the poor blighter! Sorry to lower the tone of the forum!!!!!!!! Steph  
  8. Hi, thanks for that ... I haven't been yet! Having looked in the dictionary I was going to use something along those lines ... Cheers Steph
  9. Hi, sorry about this but my dog needs his yearly squeeze, does anyone know how to say "he needs his anal glands squeezed" .. just trying to avoid making a complete fool of myself at the vets .. Thanks! Steph www.pwb53.com  
  10. Thanks to you both. That's what I guessed too. I'll pass on your replies, I don't know their personal circumstances and whether they have declared any income etc ..
  11. Hi, hope someone can help ..? Some friends of mine had an E106 form, registered and then received their Carte Vitale. However, the E106 form expired in December, they haven't heard anything and still have their C/Vitale.  They are currently living off their own money whilst renovating gites .. once the gites are up and running they'll be registering as a business and therefore paying cotisations etc .. they don't want to have to start paying out until they are earning, unless they have to.  Has anyone else been in this situation and/or does anyone know what happens next .... ? Thanks in advance Steph www.pwb53.com  
  12. ok thanks ... I'm asking cos I have an ad in it this month plus a really cheesy article! I've received an editorial copy but not the advertisers copy ...
  13. Hi, does anyone subscribe to French Property News and if so have they received their April issue? Thanks Steph
  14. Hi, as others have pointed out if you were happy with the price and the work done then it doesn't matter whether it took 5 days or 3. Quite often with building work you never know what you are going to encounter so it's best to over evaluate the time. We work on a combination of hourly paid and overall price for the job, obviously our devis are based on time taken so we work out the initial pricing on how much time for each job, sometimes it'll take less, sometimes more .. sometimes the client gains and occassionaly it works in our favour. I reckon building has got to be one of the hardest jobs to price, there are so many external, unknown factors to take into account and as Val said just because the builder isn't on site it doesn't mean he or she isn't working .. chasing suppliers, collecting materials, mountains of paperwork....! Steph www.pwb53.com  
  15. The point that we are trying to make is that we have entered into the system therefore we HAVE to pay whether we are earning or not...we have no choice and if we are loosing work to unregistered DIYers who suddenly think they are builders what future will we have, all we want to do is earn an honest wage. Steph www.pwb53.com  
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