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  1. Hello Heather, my partner is registered with the Chambre de Metier in Rodez as a carpenter, he has been working here for just over eighteen months now and is very busy indeed. He may have the need for a 'tiler' with some of the jobs he will be working on in the near future if you are interested.(might be something to be going on with until you get registered).  We live 35km south of Rodez and most of his work is in Aveyron, if you are interested, please get in touch, have sent email also. Bernadette   
  2. So pleased to hear******o is now well, it's horrible when they are unwell, especially when you don't know to comfort them, (I don't know about******o, But Oscar didn't even want to be touched) He too is now 'onform' he is actually headbutting the keyboard as I type! Back to his old self!
  3. Sodabread

    Dog Disease Risks

    My labrador pup 'Oscar' also contracted Piroplasmosis last week. I live in the Aveyron area (dept 12),I had no idea what was wrong with him except that he was not his usual self, not interacting with other dog, not eating very much and generally lethargic. Then later in the day, I noticed that his ears were very hot, salivating excessivly, and shivering periodically. I took him to the vet the next morning, he knew immediately what was wrong, did the blood test, then administered a very large injection, assuring me that Oscar would make a full recovery in 24 hours, which he did, thank God! The vet asked me if Oscar's urine had changed to an orangey/brown colour, I said it had appeared more consentrated, verging on orange. My vet has advised me to use Frontline every 3 weeks, on both dogs, and advised me to buy anti-tick collars which are effective for 4 months, (can't remember the name as I have discarded the wrapper) as he said he often sees me walking with the dogs along the river,(potentially high risk area) and to groom on return and check for 'ticks'that I could safely remove with tweezers and douse with surgical spirit, to place the doused tick between sticky tape and dispose. I thought the 'tick season' was generally in the summer /autumn months, and not prevelant in the winter months, seems I've learned the hard way!
  4. Good luck with your renovations. There are plenty of really good kitchen showrooms, but I would recommend 'Lapeyre' for good quality units. We bought our kitchen from Lapeyre in Rodez, I don't know you are in the midi. but they have showrooms in every main town.
  5. My oh my! I went on holiday the day after I posted this question, and am delighted that my topic has generated such interest! and healthy discussion, if I need a guilt trip, I'll go to Lunn Polly thanks! Thanks to all for your replies, I have now managed to find my Gammon at Intermarche in Requesta. Yum Yum!!
  6. Thanks OHelen, I have actually seen the 'cooked gammon' in the supermarkets, I am looking for the 'raw' gammon that I can cook my self! But thanks for your reply.
  7. Is it possible to buy gammon here in France, we have been living here only six months now, and cannot seem to find Gammon anywhere, I don't mean the 'cooked slices' but raw Gammon to boil with cabbage, (not hard to tell my nationality)!
  8. Hi Mike, I too would be interested in this, I have been asking various people who have been living here for quite some time, but to no avail, if I hear of anything, will let you know.
  9. We have just moved to the Aveyron, been here since Christmas Day! would be quite willing to answer any questions for your thesis. My email address is: [email protected]
  10. Anyone near or in our neck of the woods? Would love to meet up for a drink/chat, we live in Cassagnes-Begonhes (approx. 39kl from Rodez).
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