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  1. Wickedly funny - thanks for making me laugh during this rainy, dismal evening. Penny (I request my bank to contact me via a Call Centre in the Far East)
  2. Hi Liz, There are plenty of big stores in both Perigueux and (probably)Limoges where you can buy this type of thing. You can try this link & perhaps others can add to it: http://www.but.fr/index.php There are a lot of "literie" shops in Perigueuex - I just can't remember the names of them. I don't know Limoges very well & shopping info for that area would come under the "Central France" thread. You could also try the "Useful Links" archives on this Forum as I'm sure there were a whole heap of shopping websites posted on there at one time. Penny
  3. Hi, We have two travel sections on this Forum now, this one and Good Value Crossings, but this just makes it harder to find information!! Could/would LF consider splitting the Sections up into Sea Travel and another one entitled Travelling to France by plane or train? It's very confusing as it is at the moment especially as one person's idea of Good Value may not be another persons. Penny
  4. Does anyone know what these are called in French as we want to look through the small ads for one. I am talking the RV type, not something you hitch on the back of a car with a tow bar. Thanks Penny
  5. Sue, Calmez vous!!!! The first time you let them out is always traumatic, I've found, a bit like the first time you let your son/daughter walk home from school on their own (remember that!!). We've 6 cats here and each time they have been let out for the first time I have gone through the same thing. Some came back in the minute they were let outside, and some had a good old sniff and wander not returning until they were good and ready. I do know what you mean! I'm sure it will be okay - let us know when he comes back so we can all stop worrying with you!!! Penny
  6. HI, Those of you who follow this thread know that 6 months ago I took on an abandonned cat which JackieB found in her barn. Jackie was considerate & responsible enough to get the cat spayed and have her (gangrenous) tail amputated before bringing her to us. The ops were arranged via the local animal sanctuary in Perigueux & carried out by a reputable vet who does a lot of work for the Animal Refuge. Well, the spayed cat is now pregnant - when she started putting on weight we thought it was just contentment, as she got fatter we thought she was having a phantom pregnancy. Last night we could distinctly feel the movement of kittens in her stomach. I've spoken to our own vet - he has never heard of this happening EVER before. JackieB says the cat even had stitches in the right place after the op! The point of this post is twofold - first to warn you all that in around 7 -8 weeks time I will be begging for new homes for kittens, and secondly to ask if anyone, anywhere has ever heard of this happening before??? PENNY (who already has 6 cats and is pulling her hair out)
  7. Hi, We are just about to embark on the long business of setting up a cattery in the Northern Dordogne. Don't hold your breath as this will take a long while! I'm off to the Mairie next week to see if permission will be granted, and if it is, then down to the SLV to arrange to study for my Certificate of Capacite (I am also attending a formal course in cattery management in the UK as a way of extending my knowledge). After that will come all the bureaucracy of setting up a business with the authorities and building the cattery itself. As we are in the position of being able to design and build our cattery from scratch I thought I would canvass ideas from the cat lovers amongst you as to what would feature in your ideal holiday home. These are some of the ideas we already have - please add to them on this thread: 1. Concrete built individual (escape proof)runs with double roofing, individual outside spaces, tiled floors & walls (for easy discinfecting), and with no contact possible between cats from different households. 2. Raised sleeping platforms (and possibly other multi-level platforms), cat flap type egress to each outside run. 3. A three door (locked) human security door system for entering the cattery (both ends - in case of fire or emergency). 4. Dedicated cat kitchen for food preparation including sterilisation units for feeding bowls, litter trays etc. 5. Heating system (obviously). 6. Scratch posts and individual comfy chairs in each run. 7. Fire alarms and a fire evacuation strategy. 8. Isolation runs for cases of sickness etc. 9. Local vet on call. 10. Grooming as an additional extra. 11. Insistance that all guests have current innoculation certs and that the owners apply Frontline and wormers in front of us on the day of arrival. 12. A couple of larger pens for family groups from the same household. 13. Unannounced visits/inspections welcome between certain hours. 14. A seperate reception/booking in area. Other things we are considering are: A pick up/delivery service, a long term quarantine-waiting-out-time service (including final vet check and delivery to French-side port), and kennelling for other small animals such as rabbits. pet mice, rats etc. What else do you think we should build into our plans? Do you think owners would prefer to provide their own food, bedding and toys? What have we missed out???? We need to get this right first time, especially the design of the kennels so any suggestions will be gratefully received. Penny (Not touting for business here - will be ages and ages before we get this thing started).
  8. Hi, Today I had my car CT'd for the first time plus a headlight conversion to French standards (don't ask the price of the Nissan lights, wht with that and the cert of conformity costs I believe I am keeping Nissan in profits singlehandedly). Anyway, then we went and got our first French Insurance and next week we are off to the Impots and Prefecture to start the whole matriculation process. Sigh. My question is this - when we get our carte gris and are finally in a position to drive the car back to England for short holidays do we have to put stickers on our new (FRENCH) car headlights to deflect them the OTHER way? Thanks in advance Penny
  9. Hi, Thought I would put in my ha'pennorth, for what it's worth: Cneal - If you are going to regret doing sometjing regret that you DID it not that you didn't. In other words GO FOR IT!!! If we all waited until we were perfect at something we would probably never attempt to do anything in life at all. I came over here with O level French (learned way back when the old king was in nappies), but we have got by (at first), got better (after 6 months) and are now gradually improving. Yes, my grammer is awful, sometimes I am reduced to pidgin French, and I look forward to the day when I can finally have a proper conversation.............. but a smile, a sense of humour and the guts to TRY are worth more than all the paper qualifications in the world. I also know one guy who came out here with NIL French and after 12 months he is speaking the lingo better than any of us - so it CAN be done. Good luck Penny
  10. Hi, For all those out there mourning a beloved pet try: www.rainbowsbridge.com Where you will find a whole host of poems, stories and tributes to special animals who have "passed over the bridge". The site can be a little, um, twee at times but nevertheless was a place where I found a great many comforting words when our beloved dog died 3 weeks ago. Penny
  11. Hi, We were in the same situation (staying in a gite) when we opened our French bank a/c. We made an appointment with a local French bank and took along the following docs & opened a current and savings a/c with no problems: 1. Letter from our "landlord" confirming our address PLUS recent EDF bill in landlord's name. 2. Passports 3.UK bank a/c statements (recent) - both savings and current. 4.Driving licences. Hope this helps Penny
  12. Hi, It's my experience that you have to deal with the entire PETS process by snail mail, you can't download forms although you can certainly read up on all the information on the DEFRA website. But the people to get in touch with are your LOCAL DEFRA (by phone not email) they send you out the relevant forms (these are watermarked and (possibly)numbered. They will only accept your application on that form, not a photocopy, not a fax, not an email. Penny
  13. We have just lost our most gorgeous 18 month old pup to poisoning. I can't describe what an awful death this was for my dog or how traumatic it was/is for us. He jumped our gates and went walkabout for less than 20 minutes. In this brief time he must have eaten something put down for rats, foxes etc. We live in a tiny hamlet of 5 houses = had alway thought the area was so safe. The poison used has no antidote, our vet said it is in general use over here, often in the form of sugar coated pellets, it is not illegal, not a banned substance. I'm posting this as a warning - it may save another dogs life. Penny
  14. Please can anyone give a loving home to a 2 year old beagle? We would take him ourselves but we have already given homes to 6 abandoned cats and dogs & have a tpotal animal population of 11 so one more is sheer lunacy. Tayo belongs to French friends of ours who got him from the SPA 9 months ago - he has lived happily with them as an "outside" dog ever since. Unfortunately, our friends business has gone belly-up and they are now moving to Bayonne for work & renting a small apartment where dogs are not permitted. We looked after Tayo while they were off job hunting last week - so I can vouch for the fact that he gets on well with other cats and dogs, he is gentle, easy going and very intelligent. His plus points are that he is such a NICE person!! On the minus side he has not been castrated so has a tendancy to spinkle pee over any "new" territory and he has received little training so far in his short life. The sprinkling problem should go away as soon as he is castrated (the present owners are prepared tp pay for this if a home is guaranteed) & he could be easily trained as he is very bright and eager to please (we taught him SIT in about 5 minutes). If you can offer Tayo a loving home please contact me via this forum or via my inbox urgently as he is due to return to the SPA next week & this dog does not deserve that fate. Tayo lives in the North Perigord (near Thiviers) at present but we would be prepared to help out by driving him a reasonable distance to his new home. Can anyone help PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Penny
  15. Can anyone recommend a good, reliable plumber and/or electrician in Dept 19 (Correze)in or around the Brive area? (Yes, I know I have more chance of seeing pigs flying but thought it worth a shot!) Have already tried the local Mairie - only two on the list neither of whom seem exactly sprightly about providing quotations. Reluctant to use telephone book - prefer recommendations on skilled, registered artisans. Thanks Penny
  16. Good idea, Mary. Wrote you a long'en a few days? Weeks? ago, got returned from your email address as unknown. Have you checked your in box lately? Would love to join in/help organise any get together. Penny
  17. This is such a good idea, trouble is it will end up as a "flame" topic and have so much on it that people won't be bothered to look. Eleanor, can we split this into "Links for shopping", "Links for banking", "links for French utilities", "Links for UK Gov departments" etc etc etc. To add to the general mayhem I have some: SHOPPING (BRANCHES THROUGHOUT FRANCE) WWW.BUT.FR (site has pictures of products if your French isn't fluent!!!) UK GOVERNMENT DEPARTMENTS www.defra.gov.uk (animal pet passports and the like) SATELLITE & TV www.bigdishsat.com www.channel4.com www.bbc.co.uk www.itv.com TRAVELLING www.eurotunnel.com www.raileurope.co.uk www.french-airports.com
  18. This is such a good idea, trouble is it will end up as a "flame" topic and have so much on it that people won't be bothered to look. Eleanor, can we split this into "Links for shopping", "Links for banking", "links for French utilities", "Links for UK Gov departments" etc etc etc. To add to the general mayhem I have some: SHOPPING (BRANCHES THROUGHOUT FRANCE) WWW.BUT.FR (site has pictures of products if your French isn't fluent!!!) UK GOVERNMENT DEPARTMENTS www.defra.gov.uk (animal pet passports and the like) SATELLITE & TV www.bigdishsat.com www.channel4.com www.bbc.co.uk www.itv.com TRAVELLING www.eurotunnel.com www.raileurope.co.uk www.french-airports.com
  19. The very word Abbey national makes me grind my teeth and I would NEVER EVER recommend them to anyone. I won't go into details on this forum but we have had the most abysmal service from thme over the last 6 months, their customer service people are rude and inefficient and we have ended up with an official complaint to the Ombudsman. I would say bank with anyone rather than the Abbey, as when they make mistakes they simply don't give a damn. Phew - that's that off my chest!!!! Penny
  20. Hello Everyone, Can anyone come up with a suggestion/solution to this scenario: 1.Have a capital sum of around 25,000 that we would like to stick in a Euro savings account now (with view to using as deposit when we buy a house in France in around 18 months time). 2.Also, we are coming to France on a long-term rent-free let in 2003.Can we open a euro current account in the UK now and use same account in France to pay for shopping etc? Or do we have to wait until we get to France? 3. If we have to wait until we get to France what happens if we have no proof of address (the owners of the property are keeping all the bills etc in their name). Presumably - we can't open an account! 4. OR is their any such thing as a UK bank which has branches abroad?
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