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  1. Today I tried 5 seperate websites to book a Transmanche crossing, each agent had identical quotes of £135, phoned Transmanche direct and booked for £95 saving nearly 30 %
  2. Hi, does anyone know of a good riding stable in the Ruffec/Civray area please
  3. Steve, don't dump your T.V's, we brought two from the UK and they both work with no problems. I think it's only if they are very old that they won't work
  4. I have dealt with two Mairie's and found in both cases the secretairy was the one to see even to the point of going when you know the Mairie is out, it's the seretairy that runs the office as far as I can see
  5. O.K you all think I'm a git, fair enough but please no more letters about the wonderful SD or I might have to get a sick bucket
  6. I have loked into this in the past and as far as I can make out if the bike as supplied is over 100 BHP then it wont be worth trying to register it in France, they have this stupid 100 BHP limit and to restrict a more powerful bike is not practical both in cost and and what you would have to do to satisfy the authorities, as far as I could find out it's not such a problem with bikes under the 100
  7. Thanks for that Will, yes it was a long time ago and I'm not that up on the house selling process so was hoping for advice from more experianced people which I have now had and am very grateful for, what I didn't need was people talking about me like I was some schoolboy who hadn't done his homework. I found that quite offensive, this is the last post I will write on the subject as I think it has gone on long enough. Thanks again to the people that took the time to answer my Questions "It's only the giving that makes you what you are"    Jethro Tull
  8. Do you really imagine I have nothing better to do than ask questions I already know the answers to? When I bought my house I was told what the price was and what I would have to pay for the fees. I was not told how much the person selling the house had to pay if anything and of course at the time that would have been of no concern to me, that was six years ago and since then I haven't had any dealings with the housing market so no a little bit or indeed a lot of thought before posting the question would have done no good what so ever. If you all think that answering a couple of simple questions is too much trouble then why do you read them in the first place? every question on here could be answered by research elswhere but to answer peoples questions is partly the point of the forum surely
  9. [quote user="KathyC"] Krill Forums (like God) help those that help themselves. The way you worded your question was what one would expect from someone who had never been involved in buying French property, rather than someone who had only seen one side of it. You have to build on knowledge already gained; the same is true in many spheres. [/quote] Rather than judjing how little or much one knows why not just answer a simple question with a sensible and informative answer or if that's too much trouble then why answer at all. I worded my question quite simply and was very grateful fo a excellent reply from Eslier, the rest of the replies including this ridiculous quote above are to my mind a total waste of time by people with nothing better to do, if you cant help then don't write anything
  10. [quote user="Rob Roy"]Sorry Krill, but Sunday Driver's reply was not unreasonable or sarcastic. You have already bought once in France, therefore one would presume you know the format.[/quote] Just read it compared with the next reply, yes we have bought but never sold, surely no answer at all would be better than the one "Sunday Driver "gave  or maybe he's one of those sad individuals that has nothing better to do than feel oh so superior behind his keyboard
  11. Thank you very much for that Eslier, what a difference from the last reply
  12. [quote user="Sunday Driver"]Think back - did you need a notaire to handle the sale when you bought your house originally?  Did you use the same notaire as your seller?  Who paid the notaire's fee then?[/quote] Thanks for making the effort to reply "Sunday Driver" even if it was a bit sarcastic and not very helpful
  13. Hi, we have our house for sale with a couple of agents and privately via the internet, if we sell privately do we have to contact a notair, if so will we have to pay any of his fees and could we use the same one as our buyers? Any advice much appreciated 
  14. [quote user="TheVicar"]I'm confused. Is the question relating to Guinea pigs with chickens or rabbits? [/quote] The question was guinea pigs with chicken, sorry, don't know where the rabbits came from
  15. Hello, can anyone tell me if it's OK to keep Guinea Pigs in with Rabbits please
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