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  1. I am SO happy. terrified of doing something illegal  here.Thanks to all.

  2. Hi,  I am still

    concerned about the carte vitale. Being 60, I applied for a pension from the UK and they said that any pension rewarded

    entitled me to  free medical care in France.

    I then filled in the forms. I asked at this time if my husbands earnings were

    taken into account and they said my medical benefits were based on my

    independent pension. My husband works in Japan and still earns. I received

    my carte vitale.  I was never asked about

    him. I have now met someone who tells me that she pays an astronomical sum for

    her carte vitale . She doesn’t work and is only 50, her husband works abroad.

    Can anyone please still the panic!

  3. Hi there, I have had a quote to install an insert in the sitting room with a vent to the bedroom above from one big company. Two other companies came and looked and were horrified. They said what was proposed was agianst french norms the the lining would be too close to wood and the chimney was too tight anyway. Only solution was to knock out a new chimney which I cant do. I have a huge crack all the way up and wanted to ignore this and put a tube up then simply seal up the crack internally ( it is only internal!) Can anyone please help as I shall need some form of heating installed. Rooms are huge. Thanks.
  4. Hello Don, Ive had a poele last winter 14kw to heat one room downstairs and the bedroom above. It appears not to be powerful enough to heat either sufficiently. Had 14 downstairs (30 metre cube) and 11 degrees upstairs. I dont know if its the installation thats wrong or the poele I suspect the former. No condensation, its through a vent upstairs.
  5. Well hello again to all and thanks for your replies whilst I realised I was  being provocative I did not wish to cause such animosity.  i do not really want to avoid tax I am just worried that if they get their hands on me all hell will break loose.I am afarid of getting un a mess otherwise I would simply go down to the public tresor and ask them.  What I am really saying is that if I  have an occasional paying visitor will I be so penalised as to make it not worth it. The french tax authority have informed me that we will be taxed as a couple if I work here. As I have said we already pay our taxes in Japan and I would not want to pay more in France. This seems fairly reasonable to me. I am not talking about big time running a business. I am confused by the replies Sorry to have upset some people and enjoyed being called crass. Can anybody really give me any advice? Is anybody in this same situation of paying tax in two countries? Thanks

  6. Hi there, I would like to offer a room for B&B or a long let,mainly for company and a little money. The problem is that if I declare this on my tax return it will affect mu husbands tax whi is working in Japan. I have written to the tax inspector here who informs me that this is the case. I am unsure what this means. We apparently will be taxed as a couple. At present I daren't earn anything. Does anyone have experience of a similar situation? Japan has a double tax treaty like the U K. Could I perhaps advertise quietly in post offices in the U K?! I would be loathe to do this but what can I do apart from nothing. Am grateful for any advice.
  7. nobody any experience with termites then? this I can"t believe it! So many people looked but didnt answer what does this mean? I have now been assured that ALL houses in France have them and its nothing to worry about if they"re treated Please help! I have to sign next week or drop out.
  8. Hi again. I'm the one with the asbestos I didnt mention that they also found termites in the cave. I am about to sign the compromis  but now am not sure  At first I thought I was onto a good thing as the owner has to pay and I have the protection but now they say there is a new treatment apparently the chemical one is foul! and they only give a guarantee of 5 years Question is am I better buying this house which ahs had termites with a guarantee or dropping whole thing and starting agaiin I sthere more likelihood of them coming back again after 5 years ..................they dont mention that! This new protection is called pieges- appats anybody any experience please? Thanks for all your help again. Maureen
  9. Hello again, I'd like to thank everybody who replied and so quickly. I am so grateful. It's really helpful, thank you.
  10. Hello again, I'd like to thank everybody who replied and so quickly. I am so grateful. It's really helpful, thank you.
  11. Thanks for your reply. However, what I really want to know is how many of you have bought a house with a bit of asbestos over a balcony and lead paint in house? Would this put you off as a a buyer? Come on help an old lady on her own! Please! Am about to sign compromis tomorrow, didnt dare mention they also found termites as I believe this is good news as they now have to give the house protection and a warranty for 10 years so am happy about that!
  12. I hope not into the fire. I'm moving to France in the Lot area next week and will be glad to get away from these earthquakes we've been having. I've rented for 6 months. I am very nervous about buying a house there after reading all the pitfalls on your site. So I shall probably have lots of questions as they come up ..........'m O K with French and obviously hope to join the local community but I would like to make contact with english speakers as I haven't lived in an english speaking country for over 30 years so if any expats know of anything going on in the area please let me know.

    edit: forgot to say, I'm in Japan.

  13. Hi there, I'd like to know how to sell craft stuff on markets and whether this will have tax implications. Only in a small way. If anybody has any experience or knows anybody who does it.
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