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  1. I need to cut out a damaged section of flooring to replace with a new piece. I need to cut it out on 2 edges over joists (about 70cm each length). Not too sure how to cut as its sitting on the joist as I obviously want to cut in the middle of the joist so the new piece has somewhere to sit. How? Thanks in advance.
  2. Thanks all for getting back, think I am going to approach our local CPAM again (phoned the helpline before) to explain things and how long I have been here and see what they have to say.

    If all fails there I think getting on my wifes card will be the next best attempt at getting covered.

    Will update on what happens.
  3. I have had a business since Jan 2008, initially setup as a Micro enterprise  and paying charges to RSI. I then transferred to AE, but then had to transfer to MSA as the majority of my work is gardening. I could not be a AE with MSA so had to stop and hence stopped paying RSI.

    That was Dec 2009, but between then and now I have had my Carte Vitale from RSI even though I have not been paying them anything but they have now sent a letter saying my rights to have cover from them will cease at the end of this month!

    I have contacted MSA to explain the problem I have but as I do not work more than 1200 hours pa they cannot cover me for health.

    RSI actually said I should speak to CPAM about cover but they do not deal with the self employed, I thought they should of known that!

    So, just wondered what other options are open to me to get equivalent cover?

    Fortunately my wife has her own CV with her business so is covered as well as our 2 children so it is just me that will soon have none.

    We have been resident in France for 7 years now if that makes a difference.

  4. Thanks for that, not really what I wanted to here. Must admit all along I thought, hey I will be alright with my bike as it is only 98bhp!

    By the way, its a ZRX1100, any idea what Kawasaki will have to do to it to bring it down? It only seems a slight reduction, will I notice it much?
  5. Me back again, I know nearly a year later. Very busy but finally got round to fixing the bike so it runs ok, got myself off to Niort to Sport Moto Loisirs (thanks SD), they had a look at the docs but said I would have to go to the DRIRE.

    So off to them in Niort, the guy who normally deals with it was not there but the helpful lady photocopied all the docs and said she would pass them on but to someone in dept 17 where I live.

    A few weeks later I get a letter from DREAL (Perigny) saying 'Voir concessionnaire KAWASAKI pour un bridage de la puissance moteur a 100cv (73 KW). Fournir une attestation.' which I understand as them wanting me to go to a KWAK dealer to get them to restrict the motor down to that level.

    I am confused - firstly when I got my partial conformity from Kawaski they only queried the headlight not the power. Secondly in my manual that came with the bike when new it says it is 98bhp and the 'Description du vehicule marque Kawasaki Type ZRT10C' from Kawasaki France says in the General section : 'Puissance declaree de la motocyclette : 73,4 KW, and also in the Moteur section : Puissance nette maximale declaree du moteur : 78 KW (CE).

    Very confused now, are the DREAL in Perigny being very fussy or have they missed something? Which KW figure is the important one? If it is 73.4, are they really worried about the .4 over?

    Sorry to drag it out, but I just want my bike on the road now! Any thoughts?

  6. I have a Belkin wireless router and wondered whether I can utilise it to gain wireless in our house but along side our non wireless FREEbox. I still need the FREEbox as we use the telephone sevice with it (telephone physically plugged in the back). So at the end of the day I would like to have our FREEbox running as it is and to have wireless ADSL around the house from the Belkin - possible?
  7. I wonder if it has come about because of which side of the road we drive now!

    Back in the uk, the usual greet/thankyou when overtaking is a wave of the left arm. Try that here and you would have to use your right arm - hand off the throttle when overtaking, not good. So maybe thats why the right leg is used.
  8. Thanks for that Bugsy, sounds a secure way of doing it. I will give it a go, first problem though, bikes playing up so will have to get that sorted first. Thanks to all.
  9. [quote user="Mr Coeur de Lion"]Oh dear, lol.


    Having said that, France stands a much better chance of progressing further in the tournament compared to England. Their squad is far superior to England's who possess probably only two world class players, the rest being mostly average.

    I just hope for a good tournament and will be rooting for the Yanks and Aussies this time, not that I think either will get particularly far.

    I think it will be Spain or Germany to win. The Dutch are a good outside bet too.[/quote]

    mmmmm, did the French world class players miss the plane to SA? No, there aren't any. :-)

    Come on England, a much better display today, bring it on Germany!
  10. Oh, no good for me as the QF is much older than a month. Anyone had any success transporting a bike in a standard trailer (2mX1.3m), bike only has a side-stand, would need numerous straps!! Is it possible? Sounds scarey.
  11. Thanks for that, I have never had dealings with the DRIRE, I take it I will have to get the bike to them for the inspection, by appointment only I suppose? Looking on the net, the nearest one to me in dept 17 is either Niort (40 mins) or Perigny (a bit further), mmm could be a problem, brit reg with no ins/mot!
  12. Hi,

    Got my partial conformity for my Kawasaki from Kawasaki France stating that it is just my headlight that is the problem. I have since got a new one here and fitted it myself - I am now wondering what the next step is to getting it registered here? I also have my certificat d'acquisition from the Impots.

    I have done some searching around but I am not completly clear - do I have to take the bike to be inspected with the receipts for the part etc or is it a case of going to the prefecture now or even a bike dealer to check it? Thanks in advance.
  13. My wife and I have separate businesses, I am a Auto Entreprener (AE) now, as I transferred from Enterprise Individual, under the Micro Bic regime, I have entered my takings in the relevant section on the 2042CK form where I also have to put 50% (as I am services) of my net in section F (REVENUES A IMPOSER AUX PRELEVEMENTS SOCIAUX).

    My wife though registered online last year as an AE decorating/selling pottery etc. We have put her takings in section D (Non Comm professionels) but where we are confused is does she have to enter a figure in section F, as I do, and if so what % of her takings is it?

    Thanks in advance
  14. Thanks to all, point taken, have now booked the train from Poitiers, seemed to of gone down in price since the last time we looked, so sorted now. Must admit, wasn't looking forward to driving.
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