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  1. I had thought about that, La B, but it seems that property prices are quite a bit higher north of the border!  Also, it's not the tax that's the killer but the cotisation payments and I haven't a clue what those are like there. Anyone en Belgique reading this?
  2. [quote]La B's solution will work if you are actually physically in UK when you do the work- rather than just visting the clients in UK. But if you do the work in France you come under the French system. I kn...[/quote] Are you sure about that, Will?  My understanding is that you had to pay French tax on your world-wide earnings if you were fiscally domiciled in France.  Like you, I guess, I would have to go to the UK to actually work at my clients' offices but, as I said, I was under the impression that Monsieur Impôt had already sussed that one out.  Or are you saying that the UK address would be my UK company address, in which case the UK tax man wouldn't allow travelling expenses as that would, I believe, constitute commuting to work?
  3. Unfortunately, La B, it's not what I regard as my most convenient domicile but what Monsieur Impot does!  If I take up permanent residence in france, or spend 6 months and a day there, or even spend more time in France than anywhere else I believe, then he will deem me to fiscally resident there.  I don't fancy a van-load of flics on my door-step, nor a few days of dry bread and water, even if it is baguette and Perrier! A little more research on the URSSAF site reveals that if I were earning 25,000 euros a year I would pay cotisation of 4,795 then 3,797 and 17,318 in the 3rd year!  How on earth is anyone expected to run a business, eat and pay his bills on less than 8,000 euros a year?  It's certainly no wonder that the black economy is thriving while the rest of the economy is in the doldrums...
  4. And I am correct in understanding that a self-employed individual is required to be registered as a business of some sort, am I not? Looks to me as though a lot of money invested in passports for pussy-cats was a bit of a waste! 
  5. Hmmm, you're not kidding, TU! Unless I've confused my self totally, the URSSAF site tells me that, on an income of 40k euros and with no exonerations, my first full year's cotisations would be 4,795 euros, the second 5,793 euros and the third 25,736! Does that sound feasible to anyone?  If those figures are correct, it's hardly surprising that so many people work on the black or that TK gets so upset about it. Is it a case of deducting the equivalent of personal allowances, allowable costs etc first or does one, as I did, use the gross income figure? Someone/anyone, tell me I've missed something obvious here!
  6. Thanks to all of you - it certainly seemed a fairly hefty charge to me, especially since I operate a barter deal with my present accountants in the UK; I solve their computer problems and they do my tax returns! I have a liitle (not too much, I hope) cheekily added a new topic to see if someone can give me an approximate guesstimate as to what my liability might be.  Unfortunately my timescales have suddenly shortened as the property market in 'Ackney isn't as slow as I was led to believe! Thanks again and the beers are on me at the next LV beano....
  7. Here goes again!  I'm in the throes of making a final decision about relocating from the UK to Pas de Calais but am still pretty unclear about whether the French taxman will allow me to afford it.  I'm self employed and earn a pretty small amount, c 25k sterling, which is liveable on with the relatively benign system of taxation and allowances in the UK.  If I relocate, my main business expense will be the travelling costs (fuel, ferry) to get to my clients in London. Can anyone give me some sort of guidance on whether these expenses are allowable for self-employed people in France and roughly what I might expect to pay in terms of tax and social charges?  I've tried the "DIY" system on www.impots.gouv.fr but it's geared mainly towards employees and doesn't offer much information for the self-employed. Having made more than my fair share of bad moves and stupid decisions over the years I'm keen to try my best to get this one right - I much prefer life in France and can't really afford to buy a place in the UK anymore after the ex is paid off but I also do need something to show for my efforts after the taxman has had his cut!
  8. I have been given the details of a French accountant by my UK accountants and contacted them with a few questions on how to structure my financial affairs so as to minimize my tax exposure.  I also dangled handling my on-going French returns as an incentive to cough up some free advice (worth a try anyway...). Briefly, I received an email with an additional question 2 days later, together with a promise to get back to me within a week.  I replied immediately but heard nothing for a fortnight so fired off a "wonder if you've had any thoughts" email.  Now I've finally had a reply telling me that the boss man has been discussing my affairs with one  of his employees and that it will cost 1,100 euros for his initial advice and an as yet undisclosed amount for annual returns. This certainly seems steep based on what I've been used to in England - is he trying it on or does this seem about right for France?
  9. Those few weeks are now nearer 3 weeks!  Still looking for a rental property, not too close to a road and preferably in the St Omer region although almost anywhere in the west of 62 or 59 would be fine. I should mention that both the cats and I are house-trained 
  10. I need a couple of loads of dry wood in the region of Prats-de-Mollo-La Preste.  Does anyone know any suppliers, please?  I could collect from as far as Céret or even beyond.
  11. I have an old but perfectly serviceable Tirolia wood-burning range for sale, with owners manual.  It has 1.5 ovens, several hot-plates and also can run a reasonably small central-heating/hot-water system.  Will sell for a reasonable offer or would swap for a decent wood-burning stove, with cash adjustment either way.  Alternatively would buy the stove on its own.  I`m happy to throw in an old trailer for the buyer to take the range away with - I will have to check the trailer is still okay!  I`m near Prats-de-Mollo-La Preste but you will need a 4x4 to get to the house - trailer needs a universal hitch, not a tow-ball. Needs at least 2 people to move the range.
  12. Personally, I've been with La Poste for years and find them very efficient - plenty of branches all over France and open on Saturdays too!
  13. A note of caution: My experience from trawling the notaires.fr site for property in the last couple of days is that about 30% of the email addresses they have for notaires advertizing property are incorrect!  Of the ones that appear correct (ie don't bounce back) it seems that a large proportion don't actually bother to pick up their email regularly or at all - makes you wonder why they bother to use the Net in the first place!  On the other hand, some respond almost instantly...
  14. "Who are the most intelligent, well a human who can ask that kind of question, has to put the whole thing in doubt I guess.............." You're absolutely right again, Miki - of course we are the most intelligent species on the planet.  We have to be, since we are the ones who define what intelligence is..... Maybe we now ought to stop congratulating ourseves on being grown-up and intelligent and start acting as though we actually were?
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