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  1. Back to my post for a moment. Thanks Benjamin, I did get  a receipt and thanks to you and Frederick for warning me of possible problems ahead.

    AnOther,  for your interest, an FT engineer issued replacement paperwork for our old  Livebox which was playing up so it had to go back.  The router was a gift and as we are only secondairs we decided to make use of the gift. 

    Pachapapa,  Skype is adequate for our needs.

    Thank you all.  

  2. Thanks to you both.  Went into Orange (Niort) with Livebox, leads etc and original paperwork.  The assistant took our name, telephone and contract numbers and scanned the code on the box.  She assured us that the rental was terminated and bid us farewell.   We were in and out the shop in five minutes.

  3. I have replaced the rented Livebox with a new Netgear modem/router.  Is it still possible to take the rented Livebox back to a French Telecom shop (Niort/Poitiers) and end the rental agreement.  I still wish to continue with the Broadband contract.   Many thanks

  4. Thank you for the additional input, most grateful.  16mm pipe it is then.

  5. Thank you both for your input.  I have a number of 90 degree turns so it may better to upsize but I will compare prices and see what comes out.

  6. I have 14mm capped end copper pipes extended from the back of the downstairs shower room  into our attic.  I would like to extend 20 meters to the far side of the house to feed a w/c & handbasin and possibly an outside tap.  Should I upsize to 16mm pipe in the attic or stay with 14mm.   Thank you for reading.

  7. Just a suggestion,  lay some sheeting under your work area to catch droped pointing for re-use and I use a paint remover/shaver hand tool for fine gaps.

    Good luck 

  8. We paid E6500 two years ago in Deux Sevres .  This was a 5-6 day installation, including a pump to push  a distance of 35 meters  to the fosse tank.

  9. We seriously discussed the blindfold option (and even stuffing him in the boot, he has good humour).   We could tow him by hoisting a rope over the side of the bridge and hauling him across the water on a dinghy or asking him to swim, but ..........


  10. Thank you for the link SD.

    Showed to affected person who has declined to go " Bridge To Far".  The remaining three of us will visit and video the crossing for our pals future consideration.


  11. We have been invited to visit friends on the Ille D'Oleron this Sunday but one of the possible visitors suffers from acute vertigo (not me the driver).  Will the Bridge present a problem, is it open view or plenty of structure which limits the view. ?   The decision so far is not to go.

    I have been before some years ago but cannot recall  and I have looked at a number of photos via the web but have not found any at car level. 

    Anybody in a similar circumstance offer a view



  12. Thanks for the links Clair, very useful.


  13. Thanks for the Link.  Just chose a route I use regularly and was impressed with the results.

  14. Look forward to your next post  Thanks in anticipation.

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