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  1. Any recommendations please. I am looking for a company who can install a new pool liner (10m x 5m in ground pool) near Bazas/Langon 33210. Many thanks
  2. I'm looking for a professional outfit who can provide and fit a new pool liner (10m x 5m in ground pool) at our place in Gironde (33210). Appreciate that current restrictions are probably making this more difficult but the lack of local responses is bordering on the ridiculous. Any recommendations would be gratefully received.
  3. Wardy, It may be worthwhile us having a chat, given I have a place that could suit your needs in Gironde.
  4. Yes - a warning......don't even go there. Too many pitfalls. Think of what may happen if the work is not up to standard or if, for whatever reason, the 'tenant' refuses to leave your accommodation when you ask them to. I read a recent article in the Connexxion describing a similar set of circumstances. The owner ended up having to sell up when in trying to get her workman/tenant out her legal fees racked up to over €300k.
  5. I manage a property business in SW France under the umbrella of a S.C.I. Can anybody recommend an English speaking Accountant in the Bordeaux/Gironde area please?
  6. I manage a number of properties in SW France under the business umbrella of a S.C.I. I wonder if anybody might be able to offer any first hand experience of what I should be paying in terms of annual accountancy fees and specifically, the cost of having my tax returns filed with the tax authorities. Many thanks in anticipation
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