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  1. 1 year Long-Term Let from Oct 2020 -Aquitaine/Midi PyreneesAuvergne (South), Languedoc (North)

    We are a retired couple moving back to France and need a 1 year let initially. Preferably furnished with 2+ bedrooms, garden. Ideally near a small town or village.

    Any suggestions or comments appreciated.

    Many thanks



  2. We are considering looking for a long-term let in the Aquitaine, Midi-Pyrenees regions - a 3+ bed, rural, unfurnished property. Can anybody suggest:

    1. What would be the approx monthly rental range? 2. Is there a minimum and maximum number of years that can be agreed?

    Many thanks


  3. Vendee region - Anybody recommend a gite for 1 weeks rental from Oct 7th 06 - near the sea, min. 2 bedrooms. Detached, quiet, fire, well-furnished etc etc. Many thanks
  4. Vendee region - Anybody recommend a gite for 1 weeks rental from Oct 7th 06 - near the sea, min. 2 bedrooms. Detached, quiet, fire, well-furnished etc etc. Many thanks
  5. "An honest politician would always get my vote.............."

    Ah! You'll be a long time waiting to vote then. An "honest politician" is a contradiction in terms.

    And I'm not just being cynical. I have yet to hear any politician even CLAIMING to be honest.

    They will claim to give you an "honest assessment" or in "my honest opinion" But never "vote for me I'm honest"



    Any recommendations for dog/cat kennels in the Northern part of the Gers.




  7. Miki... very many thanks for your suggestions.

    Anybody got any comment re payment? I realise there is a very different attitude towards bouncing cheques here in France but I would prefer not to take risks with such a large amount of money - and its likely to be from a stranger.



  8. Hello

    Can anyone  give some advice please on selling one's used car in France privately via local newspaper etc etc.

    In particular is there usually much room expected on price negotiation?

    How is payment usually made? For example in the UK one gets cash or waits until the buyers cheque clears.

    Does one have to surrender the carte de gris or write to the motor department?

    Does one just hand over the keys or ask for identity etc etc.?

    A simple list of "do's and don'ts" would be very helpful and much appreciated

    Many thanks




  9. Castorama stock various size cardboard boxes for packing etc. They also do large rolls of bubble wrap. All at fairly reasonable prices. No doubt other major DIY stores do the same. Alternatively ask your local Removals Company if they sell them new or used.

    Re removals firms - it might be worth posting this request under some of the other LF sections like Postbag. Frequently there are people, having moved somebody to France, driving empty trucks back to the UK who would appreciate some business. I've seen postings from some who actually find it cheaper and more convenient to fly to the UK, hire a large truck, recruit a couple of strong family helpers, and drive back to France to move their things.

    House moves are never easy

    Best of luck



  10. Why not look a bit further south - in the increasingly popular Pyrenees Atlantique region. Am aware of a v desirable property such as you describe, about 30 mins north of Pau airport with its Stansted connection.

    Email me if interested

    Good luck



  11. Our parents have lived in France for a couple of years and are joined in CPAM and hold Carte de Sejour etc.

    Mum decided to accept a part-time/permanent job and pays (wopping) social security plus other taxes and consequently is entitled to the various benefits etc if ever needed. Also when their E106 runs out later this year, her being in the French pay/social security system will, presumably, cover Dad's CPAM needs also.

    But is Dad (who is 63 and worked in UK all his life) entitled to claim any benefits for himself - perhaps under EU rules? (Knowing him he wouldn't do it!) But he is technically unemployed and is described as 'retired' on his Carte de Sejour. Would it be a good idea for him to register in any case? Also what about his UK State Pension entitlements when he gets to 65 - does he claim from Newcastle or in France?

    Sorry for all the questions but replies appreciated.



  12. Tried using the Search button but it doesn't work.

    In the far SW - South of Mont de Marsan - anybody know of somewhere to get Railway Sleepers. Drawn a blank with SNCF and the Bricos and Graden Centres.

    Also does anybody know of any Architectural Salvage yards in the above area.

    Many thanks





  13. SW only please

    Anybody out there got (or know of) a gite with pool for rent from July 24 for 2 weeks sleeping a total of 12 (2 families).

    Please post a contact address.

    Many thanks

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