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  1. HI, I appreciate the point you make that perhaps Vince Donnelly had fallen out with homeaway. BUT that does not explain why he refused to provide any references. Also if you have fallen out with an agency and you are going to rent it yourself then the first thing you would do is have a rental agreement drawn up to protect yourself when renting short term to people?? And even if you were not intelligent enough to think of writing your own rental agreement if a customer took the time to write one for you would you not be happy to sign it???

    This behaviour shows a continued pattern of avoidance which leads to only one conclusion and really it is people such as this and this type of behaviour that undermines trust in customers which has a knock-on effect on everybody else in the business.
  2. Hello,

    I have recently had a worrying experience while trying to book a Gite for a family holiday via Homeaway.co.uk. Please see the facts below as I have sent to Homeaway and please understand that actions such as this damage trust between customers and owners

    AS SENT TO HOMEAWAY - I recently tried booking a holiday via your website and I initially received a booking ref #8052399. I was then contacted by a Mr Vincent Donnelly who said that he owned the property but that he was no longer working with your company and that I should send money direct to his bank account. I was suspicious of this request so I asked for some references and Mr Donnelly (if that is his real name) said he could not do that. I then asked him for a rental agreement and he ignored the request. I then sent him a rental agreement I put together myself - it was only 1 page and very easy to understand. Mr Donnelly refused to sign it and then sent me an email saying that he was renting to someone else. I then challenged him on this behaviour and he has made some silly threats about posting my details on the internet!!

    Please note that this behaviour is indicative of a scammer and I would encourage you to reassess allowing Mr Donnelly to continue advertising with you as it is in the interest of everyone to kick these scammers out of the market as their behaviour only serves to undermine the trust of customers in your services.

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