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  1. I love croissants!! There are other versions also that I enjoy very much. You use pretty much the same ingredients plus some extras and you get something new like Pain au chocolat and Pain au raisins. They are larger and flatter and have custard and raisins inside. Of course they do not have the croissant shape.
  2. [quote user="Jules31"] Do you always check the pricing before buying bottles? According to you, is it important or not???[/quote] So far, yes but there are times I couldn't help buying a very expensive wine just because the bottle is very hard to find. If I have enough money for it, it's ok for me. There are people who get mad about wines that they will find ways to buy a $13,000 bottle just for cravings. I don't know if you understand what I mean... My last purchase was on the last October, I bought a Pinot Noir Premier Cru at Delices and Gourmandises, which costed about $2,300, fortunately it was for my wife's birthday, I had no regrets, she was very pleased.
  3. Hi, I am thankful to all of you since your recommendations were a great help. At last, I prepared a beef bourguignon, the beef was tender as expected and I paired the hearty dish with a medium bodied red wine Pinot Noir to counter the rich stewed beef. The in-laws were very pleased :) I'm planning to prepare Truffade next week but I am still looking for the recipe. Do you have one?
  4. Wine tasting is very subjective indeed but speaking for myself, the best French wine is from Languedoc region. Wines which are made typically with the most common variety of grapes like Grenache, Syrah...
  5. Hi, I invited some friends to come at home for a small dinner party and tried your recipe Ashley, it worked out perfectly. The baeckoeffe was divine, thanks a lot. Today, I was thinking about inviting my in-laws for diner party this coming sunday, do not know if they will be free, but I am planning to prepare a French dish, do you have any recommendations and recipe? Thanks in advance. Rob.
  6. Are you talking about the grape variety? If it is the case, it can be found in South Africa, Californias and Australia, but also in the Eastern Europe. Côte du Rhône is a pretty impressive stuff, I admit but I would also recommend Sylvaner wine from Chasselas grape. Have you ever taste it?
  7. Hi, With my girlfriend, we are planning to go to Eastern France on the middle of May and we will get married there. The problem is that it would be our first trip and we don't have any idea of the documents required for a civil marriage in Alsace. At this time, I am still looking for information about it so I would be pleased if someone can help. Thanks Rob Macnz
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