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  1. [quote user="norma jean"] I waited until begining of july and contacted about carers cos I put in application for it after ecj (I never got carers in uk as I worked and paid for private care) and got letter last week same as wild geese about not enough national insurance. I am appealling.[/quote] Norma Jean, I'd be very interested in hearing the outcome of the appeal.  For sure, the reason why you've been rejected is the NI contributions and the fact that you've fallen foul of the 26/52 week rule because you haven't claimed CA previously and you're now submitting what is in effect a new claim.  As you've been out of the UK for so long. I can't see any way that they will allow your appeal, which unless you've already been through the immediate appeals system, will be dealt with locally by other DMs in the DWP. From what I've seen from the various MPs concerned and the DWP/Minister's statements, the DWP are only bound by the ECJ 2007 decision in relation to reinstating claims that they unlawfully terminated when people move to other EU countries.  They've all made it clear - and I seem to remember seeing something in writing from the EU guy responsible for all the EU pressure on the DWP/HMG - that new claims are NOT covered by the ECJ decision.
  2. [quote user="wild geese"]It had nothing to do with the fact that I received an allowance from France, in fact the decision maker suggested that I re-apply in France whilst waiting for the outcome of my appeal as it could be months before any outcome. In answer to your questions, yes my husband is still in receipt of DLA, yes it was suspended in October 2007 when we moved here and was reinstated last year. My husband is 58 and I am 52. He is in receipt of long term incapacity benefit and holds an E121 of which I am his dependant. You said 'Relying on benefits for a life in France is not a good option' We came here because the cold damp weather in Northern Ireland left him in extreme pain due to his Stroke. The doctor said that if we moved to a warmer climate it would be beneficial to him and he was right as my husband now takes significantly less pain killers. I thought Europe had a pollcy of freedom of movement within its borders for all European citizens and not just EU citizens with money. Until my husband had a Stroke, 11 years ago he worked all his life and paid all his National Insurance contributions as well as serving his country in the Armed Forces and in my opinion deserves any and all benefits due to him. Regards. Wild Geese[/quote] I understand what he told you yesterday but if you go to Appeal at Tribunal, they will, for sure, refuse you on the grounds of your competant state status, it's happening to people already who have appealed after claiming benefit in France and have been refused in the UK. I really do understand what you say about your husband's service and his right to claim benefit, which of course he is doing and which he is receiving.  But it's your benefit that's under attack, not his and I'm sorry, it dosn't detract from the fact that benefit is always in the gift of HMG and whilst there's no indication at the moment that benefits will be withdrawn, evidently benefits are under threat for future claimants and the various reviews that are going on are designed to get as many people as possible OFF benefits and back into work.  I think those of us living in the EU and claiming benefits are probably the more fortunate because of the various EU criteria/decisions but it still doesn't detract from the fact that benefits should be seen as a 'bonus' not as part of people's core income because they could disappear at any time.  As for the EU being completely free and open, it took a decision in 2007 for HMG to be brought into line with the rest of Europe and as we all know, they only did it finally this year and then reluctantly.  AND we're still waiting for the decision on the other parts of the benefit still outstanding!
  3. [quote user="norma jean"]Hello everyone am new to this forum but have been reading it for some time. I have been told the same about national insurance from blackpool lot and I am 'a family member of person insured for sickness benefits' cos OH gets dla again now so any idea of whats going on?[/quote] Rather a cryptic message, I don't understand what you mean, could you give some more information please and then we may be able tell you what's going on?
  4. [quote user="wild geese"]  I thought everything was going to be ok once the carers allowance was re-instated due to the ECJ ruling. There was no mention of the fact that once you leave the uk your national insurance contributions eventually stop leaving you in a position of not being able to claim sickness benefits in the uk. I think this is where the problem lies. The fact that my husband is in receipt of long term incapacity benefit doesn't alter their decision. Before our benefits were re-instated I applied to the French authorities for carers allowance and was awarded an amount slightly less than the uk as they do not allow a set 35 hrs per week. This took months to go through all the obvious paperwork and meetings etc, but eventually I was granted an award. Shortly after this the uk decided to re-instate my carers alowance so any money that was given to me from the French government was duly given back to them. Now I will have to re-apply to the French Government again which will again take months to assess, leaving us on a very low income. Also I am now worried that the same criteria may apply for my husbands DLA and that may get stopped shortly. Great Britain is really wonderfull.[/quote] Sorry for the delay in getting into this thread, it sort of passed me by. CA was reinstated under the ECJ ruling and as you say, reinstatement is taking place.  CA can be reviewed annually and DLA is also subject to regular review, even if awarded 'for life'.  And now, so is long-term incapacity benefit under the new regulations and your husband should have had forms to have his IB reassessed. Does your husband still receive DLA, was it suspended and has it now been reinstated?  And how long have you been in France?  And how old are you both? I think one of the major problems that you face is that you have claimed benefit in France and in doing so, despite your husband having an E121 (I assume if your husband is in receipt of long-term IB), you made France your (not your husband's as CA is paid to you, not him) competant state as far as benefit was concerned and as such, the UK is under no obligation to pay you CA or any other health benefit.  If they are using the competant state rule, they are only applying the same rules that France applies and many other European countries so it's not HMG being awkward, it's an immovable rule I'm afraid.  I think the UK's error was in not realising that you had been in receipt of French benefits and they didn't have to reinstate your CA. I'm not having swipe at you here wild geese but I've said repeatedly throughout the DLA/CA/AA campaign that nobody who is in France and is in receipt of a health benefit can rely on it being there forever and benefits, like the return from shares, can go up and down or may be removed completely or re-jigged as IB is being right now, and people may well loose benefit.  Relying on benefits for a life in France is not a good option.
  5. And that's from Lord Prescott, the 'class traitor' who sold out his principles because Pauline the hairdresser thought it would be nice to be Lady Prescott.  The man's an 18 carat prat!
  6. The second song on the clip is 'Lean on Me', now that one can be a real weepie!
  7. Music to make you cry ............ Last year I found the original films online of British and Australian POWs being rescued from the Pacific Ocean, September/October 1944, 3 days after the ships they were on had been torpedoed by American submarines, the rescuers being the submariners who had torpedoed them. I've met some of the survivors and the submariners, all of whom were so effected by this that it has informed many of their lives subsequently. Link to it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3tVPux2y3f0&feature=related The reason it makes me cry ........ One of the men being rescued is my father .............. And every time I hear Carole King sing it now, it really makes me well up.
  8. Sorry pachapapa, you got it all wrong but deliberately so I think.  I don't feel any hatred for you at all, I do have hatred for any form of 'sport' that involves animals and your postings on this issue are, as Quillan said, just bizarre and you seem wholly unable to give a proper answer or response, just make bizarre comments which seem intent on annoying people even further. 
  9. [quote user="pachapapa"] In the 80's used to go most years on the 15th august to the festivities at Casabindo. The bulls can be very dangerous particularly after aguardiente. A friend was gored one year and seriously injured, the bull got him against the wall and we literally had to drag the animal off by it's tail and back legs. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rNWr4urBOCI [/quote] Oh great, so this is a wind-up then but I'm afraid I can't see the funny side of it.  I agree with Dog, it's no better or worse than all the other so called sports which involve humans killing animals for sport. Please pachapapa, when you go to watch badger baiting or dog fighting, spare us the details, bull fighting is bad enough!
  10. But you're very carfully not answering the questions and regardless of all your history with bullfighting, you surely realise that you are really annoying people here almost glorifying this barbaric activity - I wont even dignify it by calling it a sport, and that's obvious by the reaction you've had to your posts. After over 1100 posts pachapapa, it may be an idea to put your location on your profile too!
  11. Sorry, are you just trying to wind people up now giving reports on how these people killed the bulls and how they were rewarded for it?  Shame on you and on the other people who think of such things as sport.
  12. [quote user="pachapapa"]  Extremadura TV will be featuring the art of fighting bulls on horseback. Tuesday night at 10 P.M. a broadcast in direct by satellite as part of the Martes Mayor en Plascencia celebration.  [/quote] Art? Bullfighting may be many things but never thought of it as art, wonder if that's how the bulls and horses see it?
  13. Not brutal not an over-reaction, no real violence on either side in the BBC report, the police did what they had to do in a propotionate way.  I agree with the guy from the campaign group that there needs to be a dialogue about housing immigrants but when HMG or other commentators complain about the French doing nothing about their illegal immigrants, it's difficult to argue when they start to take some positive action against them, even if it's to legalise their position in the country.
  14. [quote user="Christine Animal"]   Anything you talk about they have to say how much it cost, where you can get it cheaper, etc.  The French are struggling the same with prices, but they don't go on about it so much.   [geek]  [/quote] Like banging on about saving €5 an hour trying to drive down the prices of artisans/business people (like gardeners) who also have to make a living to pay the increased prices, no matter whether they're Brits or not! 
  15. I know from personal experience that a person awaiting to go for trial for an offence can be held in France and forbidden to leave the country, even tho the person is an EU citizen, it can be a condition of not being held in prison that you don't leave the country. Noiklosa, why are you trying to sort this out, I don't understand your last post.  It happens, people can be held in this country, illegally here or not pending the outcome of a trial.
  16. [quote user="Quillan"] unlike Champion's (sorry Carrefor or whatever they are called now) who seem to charge a lot more for the same thing and let it rot on the shelf. [/quote] Know just what you mean, our local Champion has just been 're-branded' and it's made no difference to the quality of the veg, it's apalling, little choice and poor quality - they had red peppers in there a few days ago and they were all mouldy - I went through the lot of them and all were rotten.  We're clearing more of the woods to expand the potager, I know the arguments about time/costs for gyo veg but my time is my own now so as far as I'm concerned, I'll continue to gyo for as long as I can. We don't eat red meat at all so can't comment on  the beef or other prices but even our staple diet of fish is starting to get more expensive, hence visits to the local markets where we bulk buy now, mainly for the special offers.  Even the price of chicken is going up too!
  17. [quote user="nemltd"]That seems to be about what we are paying, it seems alot doesn't it?[/quote] Not quite sure which reply you're responding to, but no it doesn't actually, 25-35 euros for a registered gardener using his own tools isn't a lot, they have to make a living too and far too many Brits want French/Brits to do work for them cheaply, classical supply and demand thing going on here.  If you really want to save money, cut the grass and maintain the garden yourself but if that's not possible, you have to pay what you have to pay.  If you have a maison secondaire here it's just one of the costs involved surely? 
  18. In my experience - once involving a fatal road accident and more recently, a friend in  the next commune who had a heart attack, the SAMU bills are high.  Neither person had a mutuelle.  The driver managed to avoid paying at all - long story - and the heart attack patient (a woman in her late 70s, early morning call out, taken to Sarlat hospital) received a bill for €600.  She has negotiated with the hospital to pay the bill by instalments and perhaps you might be able to do something similar?
  19. The British law used to be based around the child not having a life independant of the mother (still attached and therefore not a seperate being), child destruction and infanticide and the state of the  mind of the mother, I seem to recall it was up to a year after the birth of the child but am now foggy about which offence was which, but definately murder after a year. This all seems very sad and until there's some sort of report into the parents mental condition, any comment seem rather off.
  20. And they're also at some of the junctions on the Rocade in Bordeaux, offering to wash your windscreen for you - but in droves, must have been 15/20 women doing it last week when we were there.
  21. Get some of the stump killer which is available at most of the bricos.  Make a split in the bit above ground, long ways and open it up then pour some of the stump killer into the split and let it do its work.  Ignore the instructions, just use it neat but wear gloves when you do it. Trust me, it's a good way of killing this off and not reliant on the leaves!
  22. A couple of chums have found hard brown, almost cement like structures, about an inch long, single chamber, which have contained small spiders and grubs which are feeding on the spiders.  I found one on the inside of one of my compost bins a few days ago, the grubs (two chambers) were large, about 3/4 inch and they were feeding on the small insects inside the chambers. I don't have a problem with them in the garden but my chums have found them in their homes, usually fixed to cushions and other soft furnishings. The structures are really hard and when broken open, they crumble like old cement. Any ideas from anybody what these may be?
  23. Just wished the email and pm service via the Forum worked as well for us non-spamming mortals.
  24. They are also sold by one of our local (trades internationally) bio/eco enterprises http://www.magellan-bio.fr/    
  25. So many opinions from people who, unless they were involved in the decision making process in the prison, the police services, among the politicians and in discussions with all the people actually involved in this awful event, are just speculating on  the bits of information being released by the authorities or being speculated on by the media who, in my opinion, have done themselves no favours in their coverage of this, especially the BBC who seemed intent in sensationalising this whole thing, Jon Sopel in particular acting like an hysteric on occassions.  
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