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  1. Hello - Yes I did go along to a meeting with the conciliator de justice on 10th May 2012. The meeting was pleasant enough, it took the form of myself and the conciliator along with my translator sat in a private room at the Hotel de Ville. I was given a chance to explain why I was using my garden wall for the storage of some pieces of iron which so upset my neighbour. I found the conciliator to be attentive and although we managed to make certain that I was breaking no laws no reconciliation was achieved. My neighbour is considering building a wall to hide the iron pieces as I cannot presently remove them and I was able to make it clear that I had no objection to this. The conciliator made a visit to my neighbour's property to view the "eyesores" for himself and it was reported back to me, through my translator, that my neighbour had been advised not put a fence or wall there because it would interfere with various access' held by myself and other neighbours. As you will know from my latest posting there have been developments with the behavoir of this particular neighbour and I think/hope that this affair will just die away now, naturally in the goodness of time the iron pieces will be reused and/or removed. I thought that the service of mediation with the conciliator was very good . It is offered free of charge and I feel that it could avert/diffuse lots of serious problems that occur between neighbours.
  2. Hello to all who were interested enough to offer advice/support etc. over my worries concerning my neighbour. A situation was made known to me that the neighbour concerned was making complaints about someone else. This time regarding some ivy growing against a neighbouring barn. A gaz torch was borrowed by the original neighbour who has been giving me grief and he then burnt (not intentionally I'm sure) the ivy and 3 barns to the ground. I think it will now take an army of conciliators to reconcile this person with all of his other neighbours, and I feel a little vindicated.
  3. I also cannot find the "required" breath testers, what a farce! Anybody have any ideas? - Oh and please do not suggest a web site called "ethylotest- gratuit.org". I do not drink at all and yet still have to have these efforts in the car and as far as business opportunity goes then I can only assume that someone has already made a killing or they certainly will when the fines become operational, and then I'll bet the shops will be full of extremely overpriced test kits.
  4. "All right now" IOW 1970 Thanks for the memory
  5. Is it possible that France are a little behind in the internet revolution? Maybe due to their long term use of minitel? The only outcome is what you have said - nothing for nothing. Hard but true.
  6. charnizay


    I would like to warn any prospective users of this web site www.ethylotest-gratuit.org to read the advertisement very very carefully, their banners and web sites are vand could cost you ery misleading dear. If I knew how and to whom to make a complaint then I would but my investigations bring forth no joy.
  7. Hello Russethouse Yes this could indeed be the case, not only have my neighbours possibly been mislead by previous owners but it is also possible that the notaires have been a little careless. I think that we are easy prey for them to take out their frustration on - but hey! that's life. Regards Charnizay
  8. Hello Pachapapa  -  I have not ever appeared before a judge at any stage, I am sure that my neighbour has initiated this attempt at a reconcliation. (Well, I hope so). I think that I can confirm that the conciliateur de justice is there to avoid this paltry affair from escalating. I have learned that what the person known as NormanH has said is correct, although I will soon find out because I am to see the conciliateur on 10th May. Regards Charnizay
  9. To Keni  -  HI :) My neighbours have only been in their house for 4/5 years and are away for long periods in Nepal/South America et al. We have had our house for 9 years now, there was no established use of this land other than by ourselves and other visitors who used it. Our Maire is a very nice man and runs a good ship. Thanks for your wishes, I would not wish this sort of thing on anyone. Regards Charnizay
  10. "Surely some revelation is at hand " I have very much appreciated your posts Regards Charnizay
  11. To both Idun and Chancer I have made a "dossier" with photos and I am going to try and state my case that my neighbours have been quite un-neighbourly but I have had enough, I will remove the iron after the meeting which I am sure will be interesting. My next move is to see an immoblier, I know the market is slow but I'm outta here :) Thanks again Charnizay
  12. Many thanks to everyone for replies to my posts concerning a dispute about the storage of iron pieces. I attempted to write in French to the conciliateur, got a reply from him and have agreed to meet on a one to one basis. I have also found a translator for this meeting. It appears that there is no actual land dispute presently but we are invited to this meeting to be persuaded into being good neighbours. I guess this will take the form of the conciliateur asking on behalf of my neighbours for us to remove the iron because they find it unattractive. I would like to say that I have found the forum to be very useful and at times comforting, if that is the right word. Thanks to all - regards Charnizay
  13. Hello Idun  -  I am sure that my neighbour now has accepted that the piece of land does belong to us. We asked by a letter recommande for him to vacate the land, take up his plants, and leave it clear for us, we allowed him 6 months to do this so that he could reap the tomatoes etc., at this point there did not appear to be a problem, we even had a meeting with them and agreed a limit line so that he could build a fence to separate his land from ours. I cannot think why he has taken this extreme action of involving a court and I feel that to employ a geometre expert and a translator would further punish me in the worst possible way, i.e. in my pocket. I have tried to contact their notaire and also the succesor to my notaire but cannot get them to answer me let alone give me information, I am convinced that they are not interested. I guess that my neighbours simply do not like the way my nose grows and that I will just have to allow what will happen to happen, sadly. I do not expect that the conciliator will write to me in English but as translations are always offered for official documentation in England then I felt that I could at least ask for help. Regards Charnizay
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