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  1. Thanks Big Mac. Will check out the link
  2. Thanks, Sid. I will ask for permission. But before going that route I just wanted to get a sense of what it might cost.

    The velux dormer is slightly different from a normal dormer in that it has an almost flat velux roof...if that makes sense?

  3. [quote user="BIG MAC"]

    Did you mean like this?



    Yes, BigMac, like that! Can I do it on an older iPad?
  4. Thanks. I am on an iPhone/iPad and it doesn't mean to work. Will try on a laptop

    Thanks again for your help
  5. It seems complete madness!

    Cyprus should gone down the Icelandic route and protected domestic depositors while giving a 100% haircut to the foreign non-EU ones.

    I guess the politicians are worried about a 'visit' from the Russian mafia
  6. Thanks Russet. For some reason I can't open the link. Could you possibly post one method?
  7. Does anyone know how to make a live link?

  8. We would like to put something like this in the attic http://www.mgmtimber.co.uk/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=74&Itemid=142 Any idea what it might cost in a standard old farmhouse with a slate roof? Also, does anyone know if these leak over time? Thanks!
  9. Very interesting, Krusty.

    Are you in Cyprus? If so, what is the mood there? And is there money in the ATMs?

    Seems like fifty shades of Argentina
  10. Quillan,

    I think the money went in propping up Greece and buying their sovereign debt.

    It is like a Ponzi scheme, where as one piece topples, it pushes the other down till the whole deck crashes.
  11. This morning I transferred a chunk from a 'safe' European country to UK. Just in case.

    If deposit protection is no longer a legally binding contract in the eurozone, best to pay safe and minimise exposure in Euro banks.
  12. Well, it seems a mattress is the best performing asset class in Cyprus, yielding 6.75% to 9.9%
  13. Update - All the puppies have found homes, and will go to their new families when they are ready.

  14. honeybee


    The lower rate is for materials and work.
  15. honeybee



    It is 7% for renovations now. We have never had a problem getting the lower rate for renovation works.
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