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  1. Just spotted this, so my apologies. In answer to your question, on returning to the UK, I contacted DWP and requested re-instatement of my DLA Mobility. I had to fill out an application form, but only the parts that applied for Mobility. Two weeks later, I had the DLA Mobility re-instated, and back dated to the day I re-entered the UK.
  2. Thanks for all the comments !, however I think I will just wait until the Notaire opens on Monday and ask them !
  3. The Notaire has confirmed he will make the transfer on the morning of the signing. Britline have confirmed the funds would be clear within 48 hours of any transfer being made. My question is whether the Notaire can transfer directly to a UK based euro account, instead of to a French bank account.
  4. We are fast approaching the forthcoming date of sale for our house here in France and this evening, have just been talking with a currency transfer adviser from a large UK currency trader. It was our intention, and arranged with the Notaire that the funds for the sale would be transferred directly to my Britline account on the day. Following a day or two for the funds to clear, I would then have arranged for an international transfer of funds from my Britline account to the currency people. This obviously all takes time and even worse due to the Festive season, in order to obtain cleared Sterling funds in my UK bank account. The currency company have suggested that perhaps I could arrange with the Notaire to transfer the funds directly to them via their UK based euro account, thus saving a bit of time. This was something I had not thought of, and wonder if anyone who has sold their house in France recently has had the Notaire transfer funds directly to an FX company in the UK in euros like this? I would ask the Notaire, but they are shut for the weekend now, so wondering if anyone can answer this by Monday? Thanks in anticipation.
  5. Many thanks Quillan, when things are explained like that, it makes it easier to sort out the problem. The reason I was wanting clarity on this point is that we have sold the house and the new owners want the cameras, so I was in the process of making out instructions for them to set up the cameras to their system, which I am assuming will be using a Livebox sort out the ports. However, although I now understand things better, I don`t think that they will, and I will just advise them to buy a remote camera set-up. So again Quillan, thank you very much for your invaluable and easy to understand reply, it is appreciated.
  6. [quote user="Quillan"]Well you must have port 23 open else you won't be able to start a browser connection. You will also find 139 open as well as that is the Netbios of the router. My port scanner, from Radmin, does not show port 80 open. Give a link to your port scanner and I will try it to compare.[/quote] http://www.yougetsignal.com/tools/open-ports/ This is the one I have been using. I tried Port 23 and it said it was closed, so maybe the port checker tool is c*** !
  7. In fact, if any reader is using multiple Foscam cameras on a Livebox 2, can they possibly send me a screenshot of what they have in their NAT/PAT tab? I am beginning to think that I have a duff Livebox !
  8. [quote user="Quillan"]You can set up a port for it. Access your LiveBox via your browser then go to LiveBox, Advanced settings and click on the NAT/PAT tab. You can either use an existing device or create a new one with the settings you want.[/quote] That is just the problem Quillan. I have done all that. The problem is that any port other than 80 and the whole thing does not work, hence I canot use my other existing devices ie 2 cameras, ie I cannot use the settings, ie ports that I want. Livebox says they are all closed, apart from 80.
  9.  Thanks for that Danny, unfortunately I have read them. Your first link is exactly how I have one camera installed, your second post is how to install multiple cameras on LAN. My problem is the Livebox configuration for multiple cameras. I cannot get any further than Port 80 on my Livebox, no other port numbers work, ie they are closed.
  10. Just a quick question of anyone on here in France, using an Orange Livebox 2 to configure more than one FOSCAM IP camera. I am having problems obtaining more than one live feed from a remote connection. It probably has something to do with the availability of open Ports on the Livebox, in that I can only use Port 80, all the other ports which Foscam users, and indeed most other Ip camera users can use, are closed (Port checking tool used). I have trawled the net for instructions, but cannot find anything specific to Foscam cameras, in France, using a Livebox2. I would also be interested to know if anyone here in France has used the Foscam remote set-up product. Any specific help appreciated.
  11. [quote user="Judith"]Stan, Whilst I think your actual question has been answered - did you agree to this change of date, as I thought it was always to be agreed between the two parties?  Obviously, if it is a question of loosing the sale otherwise, I can understand you may not want to cause waves, but it does seem a very odd day to chose .... even if France does only close down for the one day, it does close down ..... on Christmas Eve!!! [/quote] Well, this Notaire must close down at lunch time Xmas Eve, as today I have had the signing time confirmed as 9.30am !
  12. Strangely enough, the one month response time from Exportability did not seem to apply to me! and I received a reply today saying to just fill out the Mobility part of the claim form only.
  13. Thanks Judie and Loiseau, very helpful. Its abit annoying to think that the Notaire`s office is only next door but because of the close proximity the signing day is to Christmas, we may just not have the time to attend the signing. I had always thought that the representation aspect cost something like 1% of the sale price, and was susprised to read that it is free?
  14. [quote user="Mac"]I think that you can give the Notaire power to sign for you. Certainly when we bought our house here the sellers were not present(messy divorce and didn't want to see each other) and I believe the Notaire signed for them.[/quote] Thanks Mac, I don`t need the Notaire to sign for us, we can sign at the Notaire`s no problem. I am just wondering if we definitely have to be present with the other party on the scheduled day of signing. Getting a witness to sign for a party at the Notaires is fiscal representation and costs !
  15. Before I go and ask at the Notaire`s in a few days time, I would like to ask a question regarding the signing of the Acte de Vente. Basically I am selling our home here in France and this evening, the date of the signing of the Acte de Vente has been suddenly changed from mid December to Christmas Eve. I have been having a look onlnie regarding the meetings that the seller and buyer have in front of the Notaire when buying/selling property. Does the seller have to be present on the day of the signing? Can all the relevant seller documentation be signed at the Notaire`s the day before? The reason I ask is that due to the date of signing being changed, we would have difficulty in securing a travel booking for that day to return us to the north of Scotland in time for Christmas Day. The buyer is not bothered about checking the property on the scheduled day of sale as they have been regular visitors and "au fait" with everything. If at all possible we would like to leave France a few days before, having completed all the signing of documents etc,. so just wondering if anyone knows whether or not the seller HAS to be present on the scheduled day of the Acte de Vente.
  16. In the next few weeks I will be returning to the UK permanently, and posing this query to any DLA claimants who have similarly  returned to the UK recently. When I came to France nearly 3 years ago I, like everyone else,  lost my Mobility component of DLA due to current elegibility issues for non UK resident claimants. I do however still receive the Care component. My advice from the DPU Exportability department was to re-apply for the Mobility component on my return. I am presently draughting what I am going to say on my claim form, and am enquiring as to whether I simply fill out the section realting to Mobility only, given the fact that I still receive Care and nothing really has changed on that matter.
  17. Did you receive the PM I sent you Clair?
  18. [quote user="stan"][quote user="Kelly"]Hi, i don't suppose you remember what the figure was, by any chance.     [/quote] I think it was around €18,100 for 2.5parts, which was below my RFR of 20475 with 2.5parts. [/quote] Having looked at your table, it was the €18052 that I was shown, so you are perfectly correct Kelly, many thanks.
  19. [quote user="Kelly"]Hi, i don't suppose you remember what the figure was, by any chance.     [/quote] I think it was around €18,100 for 2.5parts, which was below my RFR of 20475 with 2.5parts.
  20. I went to the tax office today to ask for an explanation of the calculation. The lady there produced an official looking table of figures from her desk (one that I had never seen before and which bore no resemblance to any of the tables of figures produced in the French tax website). She pointed out a figure that she said was below my RFR, indicating that the full tax had to be paid. She sounded as if she knew what she was talking about so I went and paid it.
  21. [quote user="NormanH"]On the back of the Avis you can see if you received a plafonnement or not The last but one line (the one above the box bottom right which says Montant de votre impôt) there is a line a) Côtisations b) Allègements at the right hand end of this line there is a box plafonnement selon le revenu. If there is a number to the right of this again that is the amount of the reduction awarded. [/quote] ÉVOLUTION DES IMPOSITIONS ENTRE 2011 ET 2012           ANNÉE 2011 ANNÉE 2012 En valeur En pourcentage Plafonnement selon le revenu (7)        (a) Cotisations 224  228  +4  +1,79 %      (b) Allègements 149  0  -149  -100 %          (c) = (a) - (b) Somme à payer 75  228  +153  +204 %             That is what I have in that part NormanH. As you can see, last year I received a €149 "allegement", but this year 0, and as I explained at €20475 RFR with 2.5parts, am still below the plafond for a reduction. My income for 2011, on which the RFR 2012 is based, is around €3K more than the RFR for 2011, but as I say, still below the plafond.
  22. [quote user="NormanH"]You are certainly under the ceiling for having a small reduction, but it depends on a complicated calculation. The way this is done is explained here: http://doc.impots.gouv.fr/aida2008/brochures_idl2008/ud_043.html but I find it rather complicated:) [/quote] Thanks NormanH, you are correct....too complicated. Can I re-iterate that if anyone is "au fait" with the calculation of TH...is there any chance they can check my Avis for me before I go to the tax office and make a fool of myself!
  23. [quote user="NormanH"]The first table, the one I linked to in my first post and again above is the one which covers the levels below which you are exonerated from paying. The second table which you quote is for something else, the possibility of having the Taxe d'habitation capped. In other words the first table is about the maximum level  of income for not paying at all, whereas the second is about the  maximum level of income over which there is no possibility of having it reduced (as opposed to being exonerated). [/quote] Thanks NormanH, I understand the first table re exoneration from paying. As regards the 2nd table, our RFR with 2.5parts is €20475, which is below the maximum level. This does then mean that we should have it reduced, does it not? Or am I still confused? I dont mind forwarding a copy of the Avis to someone who can explain it to me !!!
  24. [quote user="NormanH"]For 2.5 parts the figure is 18052 as Kelly says. the table of figures is on the right hand side of the link I gave in my first post http://vosdroits.service-public.fr/F42.xhtml [/quote] Why is there more than one table of figures? I was looking at this paragraph, which is half way down that page opposite the table of figures you refer to. " Plafonnement de taxe d'habitation en fonction du revenu Si vous n'êtes pas exonéré de taxe d'habitation, vous pouvez peut-être bénéficier d'un dispositif de plafonnement de taxe d'habitation. Personnes concernées Vous pouvez bénéficier d'un plafonnement de taxe d'habitation 2012 si vous remplissez les conditions suivantes : vous n'avez pas été soumis à l'ISF en 2011, votre revenu fiscal de référence en 2011 ne dépasse pas certaines limites : 23.572 €  pour la 1ère part de quotient familial, majoré de 5.507 € pour la 1ère demi-part et de 4.334 € pour les demi-parts supplémentaires." No much wonder people, like me, are confused ! [8-)]
  25. Having just checked, I am now not so sure that I should not have some form of abattement. Our RFR was 20475 and we have 2.5 parts. Due to a drop in income, the RFR was not too different from last years, so may have to have a trip to the tax office to have that one explained to me!
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