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  1. I heard from someone today who crossed from England to Calais yesterday evening. There was plenty of petrol available on motorways to Paris, with only small queues when there were any. As a footnote, nothing was seen by them in Paris yesterday evening of demonstrations, rubbish etc - all was normal in the streets when they walked out for supper. I've read that there's plenty of petrol in france but a big shortage of diesel,      I run on diesel !!
  2. well after reading your post, paying £1.14pl for diesel in the UK doesn't seem too bad, getting that from Tescos with shopping 5p off vouchers and using a tescos credit card at the pay booth, and seeing that I will be filling up with 140 liters won't hurt so much now
  3. yes I agree with you but when we went that way a few years past we were not using the A28 and we always got lost in tours, having gone through Rouen a few times now it's ok, (especially using the satnav) the only holdup is on the other side of the town alongside the railway with all the lights slowing us down, once past that it's usually plain sailing all the way down to Spain
  4. not sure if the A28 is any quicker especially having to go to Le Mans and the dreaded Tours, we always get on the N154 south of Rouen down to the A10/A71 north of Orleans from then on down to Clearmont Fd then down to Narbonne................. I know the N 154 is a smaller road but having in the past using the A28 we find it a lot better and a lot more direct, (less klms) hoping all goes well next week
  5. what no more updates for the last 2 days!!!! I'm off from Calais on Tues going down to the Spanish border, motorway all the way except bypassing Paris using the 154 then back onto the motorway pass Clermont Fd fingers crossed I hope we have no problems,   students are out on tues and the unions out on thurs, by fri we hope to be at the border I have a long range fuel tank so hopefully we'll make the border without having to fill in France
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