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  1. tom

    pet insurance

    Already tried google but can only get 60 days , not that thick !
  2. tom

    pet insurance

    I would like to come to france for 3 months, but dont know where to get pet insurance to cover for that period of time. Can anyone help.
  3. I am due to travel over to central France on Sunday, could anybody advise on the fuel situation. I can get back to the UK if i fill up just north of Paris, any comments welcome.
  4. In department 03 near Lercy-Levis the first port of call we could afford , plus the people are friendly.
  5. Could anybody tell me if you can check in online with Ryanair for both the out and return flight at the same time .I have travelled with Easyjet and they let you do this, i have a problem in that i do not have a computer in France.Many thanks.        
  6. You can do either , i usually just send a cheque.
  7. Ever thought of shopping at Tesco and using club card points to put towards the cost.Every £10 in vouchers is £40 of the price of a crossing,in the past few years we have only had to pay a nominal amount .You may not like the shopping at Tesco but it puts a smile on my face when i cross for free.
  8. I am travelling out on the 30th of this month and recieved the e-mail you quoted but when i tried to change my booking i was told no amendments allowed and that they would contact me by phone to tell me what train i would be put on.
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