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  1. Spoke with VINCI the supplier this morning and was told that I must have a French bank account and that I should return the doofer if I wanted a refund - anybody out there actually driving with one of these and only paying via their dredit card as originally set up and without obviously a French bank account!!
  2. miracles of miracles the doofer has arrived - still haven't return my brit bank account details - anybody know what happens re paying for the tolls - due they just continue to charge your credit card??
  3. Just to let you know, I tried Alis and called them - I spoke to an English speaking lady who also told me that you need a French bank account. so who knows what will happen. I have received a number of emails today to say that my order has been despatched - hurrah! Does anybody know what happens if you do not return your bank account details which for us would of course be a British bank account. Do they just continue to charge your credit card in lieu of a bank account? If they do then suits me - happy days and short ques!!!
  4. Ta Da!!!! Apologies for not replying but been away in deepest cornwall with no tinternet and also trying the various machinations suggested to try to get one of these to see if I can help anybody else - what a palava!!! Anyway, I have at least managed to register for one via http://www.vinci-autoroutes.com/telepeage-@/107/view-107-category.html - however you have to "trick" the post code and hope that it doesn't muck up your delivery address. What you have to do is instead of using a UK post code of say bh13 9dd you put in b13 9dd - i know, not perfect and a risk but i think that after trying various permutations that the inegma code was easier to break!!! ALSO make sure you put a space between the first and last part of the address or it will again not recognise it. So you get past that and you are at payment and the dreaded french bank account brick wall. I put in my mastercard details for the first set up which it accepts and then confirms with a reference number and a pdf of a form for your bank account details (which I have not completed yet but will and send off- i suspect we might then hit the bumpers) So we will see if one arrives in a few days and I will keep you posted. other tip for those of less fluent in French - just cut and paste words/phrases or indeed whole documents into google translate (from the drop down menu on google under "more" - works wonders!!! I am sure that the French toll comanies are missing a trick with us Brits not to mention the dutch etc. - no english translations on their web pages - need french bank account - help lines that you cannot phone from UK - when you can you get a very long recorded message in French which left me for dead after 10 seconds!! They could make a mint out of it if they opened it up!! anybody know why they don't (apart from keeping it for themselves?) Anyway I will keep you posted to what occurs. Robert keep you all posted
  5. Hi, we have started to travel quite a lot in France by car in thelast year and are going again in the next couple of weeks. We found out that it is possible (some how) to buy a doofer for the toll booths that let you whizz through but having spent hours on the web or listening to pre recorded telephone messages in French have so far been unable to buy one!! We get so far as the websites etc where you can purchase it online but come up against you must have a French bank account. does anybody know how to get one if you only have the usual brit bank account or visa/matercard etc. Anyhelp would be much appreciated before I despair and just join the q as usual. Merci
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