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Should "La Chasse" be banned at weekends and in the Holidays?


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I would support a national policy whereby La Chasse is authorised to hunt every other Sunday, by commune and at no other time.

Then we would  know 100% where we stand.

This would give some relief to dog  walkers, mushroom pickers etc, who just want to wander in the woods of a Sunday, without the risk of getting shot.

Our local rules are far from clear, and frequently we come across official looking triangular road signs that proclaim "Chasse" on any day of the week - very helpful - not! 

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I would certainly support a clearer set of rules.  When I read the rules / laws for hunting in this region (I presume it is similar in other regions), it was just a laugh.  Other than the need to have a license, that was pretty much about it.  Days of the week - right.  If I understood the rules correctly, any property owner can hunt on his own property at any given time (any day of the week).  The same property owner can allow other licensed hunters to hunt on his land on any given day, if he so chooses. 

I asked my neighbors here and they just said to avoid the vines (which is primarily what we are surrounded by) and to keep away from terrain with signs stating it is zoned for hunting.  Those are just about everywhere round here.  So, it seriously limits where we can walk outside of Summer.  And we try to walk about 8kms every day.

It does feel a bit weird to have to worry that your daily walk might get you killed.



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