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We stayed at the Hotel Miami. Central, easy walk from the airport shuttle drop off point and the station.  And easy to everywhere from there.

They were excellent in this hotel. Made sure that we had a properly priced taxi to get to the Vatican early morning. Hardly anyone there when we arrived. And when we had done there, the queues were not too bad to get into the Vatican Museum, the ticket being valid for several days, you should check.

My favourite places, Trevi Fountain and the Pantheon.

We also caught the underground and normal buses up to Tivoli, lovely village as well as the things to visit and a quarter of the price of an organised tour.

We bought luggage and handbags, being a group of gals. And we were given a calender with a different sexual position for every day of the year as we left a restaurant. Which was the source of great hilarity for the rest of our stay and since really, some are frankly quite impossible.

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I went to Rome about five years ago. I loved it and would love to go again. The experience that meant most to me was walking on the ancient Via Appia. It's just as it was when built by the Romans: great slabs of stone,quite uneven to walk on. I walked on it, the same road that legions of Roman soldiers would have marched along, the same road that Paul (of the Epistles) walked along to enter Rome after his arrest. I was just blown away by feeling of belonging to its history.
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