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Omg...the other forum is dead


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Ummmm...please don't Wooly. Be a good chap.

Besides if I read another Chancer life story I will go clinically insane.

Or more insane.

Complete France is OK...but very quiet.

There is a better one out there if you prefer to talk about France and life.

There are no games on it BTW. Or 'are you wearing knickers today' type threads.

'Who are you shagging today' ?

You know what I mean.

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Um...what you're calling racism, ALBF, well it's rife all over the place. Sooo many times I've heard offensive, nationalist Scots, Welsh and Irish decrying and insulting England and the English. Usually when French people have mistakenly referred to them as English. I wonder if it ever occurs to them that there are English people who resent intensely having to define themselves as 'British' rather than English? Still, there'll always be morons who cling to the past, can't let go and can't move forward. Closed minds......
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[quote user="alittlebitfrench"]Nope....not joining.

Those who joined in on that 'ex' forum (wooly...it is no longer a forum so we can talk about it) were supporting racisim exhibited mostly by the owners.

They were racists.

Anti English this...anti English that.


My kids are half English.


But you did join and now you are banned!
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