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[quote user="NormanH"]I may be being cynical ( what me [blink]) but I doubt that this Forum is very high on the priority list. After all most people here have already bought houses...


That's true Norman. But maybe people on here buy their magazine or use the services advertised in it. Maybe - who knows; they don't know any more than us I guess. I used that argument along with all of my problems with this new forum system when I emailed Archant. Good thing I didn't hold my breathe. I'll post any reply, but don't hold your breathe either ...................

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This is a screenshot in Google Chrome.

The top right 'Contact' and 'Advertise' are overlapping. It's like the white forum panel isn't wide enough as some of the links at the bottom are cut off.

Even if I enlarge (Ctrol+) then all that happens is everything gets bigger to view, but the forum panel doesn't expand. It's frustrating, but not impossible to work with.

But, like I said, this forum is valuable to me so I'm sticking around in the hope that the techno-boffins will tweak it and make it easier on the eye!

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This is what I see in Chrome:


No overlapping and nothing cut-off.

Nectarine, I think the problem may be caused by your font setting in Chrome.

The font is larger than the box can contain, hence the overlapping.

You can change it to see if it makes a difference. See HERE.

Change it (make a note of the original font type and the size), then try viewing the forum page again. You can always change it back afterwards.

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Firstly, I normally get in by clicking on something I viewed the previous day and get in that way - no joy, page not found.

So phoned up Archant to be told I needed to login again.

So I have found this.

If the old forum had replaced this then I would be saying 'a great improvement'.

This is horrendous.

If I turn off compatability I do not get the white space at the top but the left hand side with the poster is chopped. Turn it on and I get the white space and can see the poster at the left.

mmm, AnOther gave it 4 out of 10, did you miss out the '-' in front of the 4?

I know that people do not like change - this is one of the reasons.

Horrible, horrible, horrible.


PS did I emtnion it is horrible


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Nice, short and to the point [:-))][8-)]

It looks like someone up at the 'not so sharp' end has been in charge? Lunatiques and assylumz come to mind [8-)]

I'm just glad there's a nice easy volume control on the brilliance of my MacBook!

I wonder if anyone 'in charge' is listening, or bothered?

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What worries me is that the change of colours may change the nature of the postings on the forum. The white background now suggests more formality and less of the jocular interplay we used to have. I mean, it wouldn't be right to accuse Clair of being a bread maker murdering varmint now. Feels more like an advice forum from the Ministry of prisons![6]
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Woolly...should your question be relevant, or even need to be asked?

It's incumbent upon whoever designed this shambles, surely, to test it with all the browsers that users are likely to use, and it really should not be a question of people having to amend their usual viewing habits nor change their browsers in order to visit and use the forum effectively.

The forum should "fit" the users, not the other way round.

(BTW, I'm not saying you shouldn't have asked...but am sure you get the drift.)

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As an avid user of Opera, I think it out performs Firefox and is streets ahead of IE. I too cannot login now whist using Opera. Though the login page loads perfectly, clicking Login does nothing. Problem is in the Java script if anyone in IT is looking.
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[quote user="woolybanana"]Yes, UCCMB, you are right, but as I suggested earlier, I consider this a beta version which Archant will modify when they see all the problems it is causing or am I just an optimist?[/quote]

An there were eye finkin you wus a Lambnana [8-)]

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[blink] Crikey, is this really CF? [:-))]

It was a shock to see it's changed & a right PITA to break in, but erm..........to go against the grain, it doesn't look too bad...[Www] & on the plus side, that bleddy annoying pop up box has gone. [:D]

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