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Lunch in a lovely setting..


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Only a fortnight ago before the rain came ...

One of the reasons that I am enjoying my regained health..

A fantastic platter of fruit de mer (photo didn't come out) was followed by a café gourmand




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In Bouzigues on the Etang de Thau, a fresh water lagoon separated from the Mediterranean by a long bank along which runs the railway and a road .

The land mass in the distance is Sète, which like nearbye Agde is an island  on the eroded base of a volcano..

The lagoon is home to masses of Oyster beds

It's worth clicking on the two links as there are some superb photos of the lagoon end village.

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Here's our favourite place to park our van, buy and eat a few oysters




And they have some huge ones too!




Gruissan, by the way...

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My family on dad's side is in that part of Britanny..

When we visit, we never miss a petite virée to cancale.

Does anyone know Cherrueix ? I have faùily there too, I just love the place...

Gives me a feeling of freedom...

And the fish , the muscles there are so fresh .. 

Awww  wish I was there now !!

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Frenchie, I turned on the puter, saw your post and immediately started smiling, so it's a very good way for the "working day" to start for me.

You said the "muscles are so fresh"................hm, I guess the Breton men are très musclès?

I am only posting because I know you'd realise I'm pulling your leg and having a joke with you......no nasty intention and no pedantic nonsense.

Les moules......mussels..... and muscles belong on men with beautiful, sculpted bodies?[:D]

However, my French will never be as good as your English so I will come up soon with something in French that will give you an even bigger smile!

PS:  I was at the Armistice Day ceremony in the village yesterday and I thought of your interest in the last war.  I asked the mayor where "la ligne de démarcation" was and, do you know, it was between us and the next village?!  Well, you could have knocked me down with a feather and there was a sentry post just at the end of our road!!!

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The Bretons have always been known for exageration.  [6] And they talk a load of tosh.  [:'(]

The best oysters to be had come from l'Aiguillon-sur-Mer (85). Beautiful number 1's served off the quayside. The menfolk wear rubber gloves in the almost icy sea water tanks on Christmas Eve but the ladies just go in bare handed.

As for Bretagne mussels, I well remember in the early '90's, when demand outstripped supply, the Southern Irish registered lorries that slipped in and out in the dead of night.  [:P]


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