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UK Freeview box.... in the UK

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Having been away from the UK for 10 years now, I've sort of lost touch with techy things.

We have been given for a jumble sale an old UK freeVIEW box (not freeSAT, note). It says nothing on it about HD so suspect it's SD only.

Obviously it won't work anymore here in France, but is the UK still a 'mixed economy' of SD/HD, - terrestrially speaking?

I'll put it on a stall labelled "For UK only" if it would work over there, but if not, I'll bin it.

I simply don't want to mislead people!

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Yes, I am currently in YUK and watching freeview on a TV that no longer gets any channels in France, I must have 60 or so channels, I recently did a rescan and found that CBS drama had moved to a new channel (71) but cannot find it so I think that may have become HD, I'm not sure if there are others that I cant get but there are plenty for me, I am not missing any main channels
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