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  1. ...as a follow-up to this, when I got down to it, I put a rake down to the bottom to see how solid the sediment was and found that with a bit of agitation, it siphoned out, down to the proper level (phew!). So I assume it was just sediment occluding the outlet. Must now put a note on the callendar to inspect every 6 months !
  2. My callendar 'binged' at me this morning with a jolly reminder to inspect the bac de graise. On revealing it, I find it is weeping from the concrete lid which, to be fair, is not designed to be water-tight. I took the lid off expecting it to be confronted with a crust of solid grey fat, when in fact there were only a few clumps covering perhaps 30% of the surface area. Nevertheless it is clearly clogged somewhere. Before I embark on the joyful task of bucketing the contents out, has anyone any experience of this phenomina ? it is fed by 1 kitchen, comprising 2 sinks and a dishwasher.
  3. Anyone with a UK licence with less than 6 months on the clock managed to get a straight swap out of Nantes recently? I've just noticed I've only got 4 weeks left on mine Yikes!!
  4. I have acquired a 300 L tank for a solar heating system. I've taken the inspection panel off the top to try to identify the various 1" and 1 1/4" inlet and outlet pipes. inside is a coil which appears to be 1", which runs from the top (well as near as is practical after the dome) to about a third of the way down. This has a centre tapping. There is a direct tapping right at the top, and another right at the bottom (plus a drain tapping underneath, and an anode set into the dome) Given that the coil is at the top, I deduce it is for drawing heat from the body of tank water rather than for supplying heat to it, therefore the top and bottom must be the pumped flow/return to the panel. Q1 - Which way does the DHW in the coil flow - top in or top out? Q2 - What is the coil's centre tapping for? (it seems to have a non-return valve in line with it) Q3 - peering into the tank from the top, there is a hollow square-section steel thingy running vertically from top to (I presume) the bottom, surrounding it, a little lower than halfway down, is a sort of bell-shaped structure about the size of a small dinner plate. This is the reason I can't see to determine if the square section steel goes to the bottom or not, or indeed of the bell thing is actually a bell or a ball shape. What on earth is this for? Some sort of layering device perhaps? It's entirely separate from the anode. No usable information label remains on the tank exterior, so looking for a manufacturer is out of the question. Anyone with a similar sort of setup able to tell me how their plumber fitted it?
  5. Does anyone know where the brain of a Peugeot 308's wiper/rain detection system live? I'm assuming it in the nacelle on the windscreen, but I've no real idea. My 308 has taken it into its head to spontaneously turn on its wipers sometime during the night, while both off and locked. All the more alarming because it normally needs both the ignition on, and and the stick moved to prime the detection circuit. From a cursory poke around the web, it doesn't seem to be a common problem. (just my luck!) p
  6. So I'm confused now... will we immigrants from that 19th century island off the coast of Europe need, at some stage to upgrade to the new i.d card, or will our CdS's (when we finally get them) be sufficient? And while you're all here... My friend who doesn't speak a lot of French recently went to the S/Prefecture for the fingerprinting etc. and signed her MAIDEN name. Quite apart from the fact that it won't now serve to confirm her identity alongside her driver's licence/bank card/cheque book/passport etc, it's not actually her legal name! Has she just misunderstood the process or is this some mad French Bureaucratic quirk?
  7. My usual cri du cœur in the 2nd week in May: In which box on 2047 do I put UK shares dividends (which are gross, of course) ? It seems less obvious each year, or maybe* I'm just getting dimmer and dimmer each year! * not much 'maybe' about it actually
  8. [quote user="Robson"]Replying to my above post. I just got through, and was told a rate of 1.14.[/quote] I'm fairly certain that's the rate I used last year. If your tax office is anything like ours, I wouldn't put it past them to be giving out 2019 for 20 data. Belvins Franks website is saying £1 : €1.125 which is what I propose to use.
  9. Yes!!!, those are the very things.... Thanks.
  10. Can anyone tell me the name of those metal spikes which builder's use to temporarily support something like a beam against a wall. They are usually about 20-30 cms long, with a loose, captured bar at right-angles to the spike. The spike is hammered into the wall, the bean (or whatever) is offered up to the wall, the bar it then hammered into place and wedges the beam against the wall. I don't know what they are called in English, let alone French! I've had about half a dozen of them gathering dust in a corner of the barn for about 10 years, and - typically the moment I need them (to mount 10, 4-metre lengths of 50x150) They are nowhere to be seen, but I bet I can order them online. Or at least I could if I know what they were called!
  11. Does anyone have a manufacturer website for PV 13 Tuiles mechanique? I need to know the minimum acceptable slope for a roof I'm replacing on a conservatory. It's 8 m wide and 4 m deep, and currently is half-and-half metal sheets and polycarbonate. Because it's directly west facing and glass on three side walls even with only half of the roof transparent it's too hot to use for most of the summer, so I'm planning to take off the polycarbonate. Plan 1 was to replace this with more of the cream-coloured Bacacier sheets. However they seem to have stopped making the cream (beige, they call it) version, and mix-and-match colours would look awful, so plan 2 is to replace the lot with PV 13 to match the house and barn. they have the traditional 30 - 45 degree slope, but because of window openings on the attached wall I can't achieve anything like that for the conservatory. I haven't measured it properly, but it's probably only about 10 or 15 degrees which intuitively feel too slight for a roof looking at the prevailing wind (and rain) direction. Now if only I had a spec sheet.....
  12. I *did* manage to locate the steering wheel, but not before my right knee had 'located' the lever to raise/lower the steering column. My much shorter wife pulls the seat so far forward I think even our cocker spaniel could reach the pedals. One night last year, my friend and fellow chorister was stopped by the Gendames, while travelling home in his Freelander. A Breathalyzer was insisted upon when he admitted that he had been drinking, and in all probability was well over the limit. However it's never a good idea to wind up police when they're armed, so before they made a complete a*se of themselves, his (French) wife switched on the interior light and leaned over and suggested that they'd be better employed brethalizing her. She was, after all, the one sitting behind the wheel of this French-registered right-hand drive vehicle! She - designated driver - hadn't been drinking, of course
  13. There isn't a 'set units' anywhere in the system menu: time/date, language, keyboard, and a lot of cosmeticy things like the light levels etc. I don't think we are comparing the same ver. software. I'm convinced what I need is an 'under the bonnet' thing It's quite possible that these aren't even key combinations any more. The search continues !
  14. Alas no. It's the old version. That particular key combination has no effect on the 2020 ZE version. But thanks for trying...
  15. I'll happily keep you posted as we go along. The Zoe was bought as a replacement for a C1, basically for local pottering. We live in the top of the department so everywhere is about 30 kms to go shopping, or 100 or so to Chateauroux or Guret, or Limoges. It says it has 352kms range on it when @ 100%: I'm off to Limoges on Wednesday, I'll see how accurate that is! We have a Peugeot 308 for the long voyages: which we'll hang on to. I'm less concerned about getting to the coast from La Creuse, than the lack of recharge sites once we get off the boat in Plymouth. (Actually, I think I'd need to do a bit more research about how to get to Roscoff first!) I really don't think EV's will be that viable until every Campanille (say) has points you can book with the room, or indeed every E.LeClerc or Carrefour has a line of recharge bornes as routinely as they have filling stations.
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