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Urgent problem, please read and advise


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Big problem that I do not know how to solve.  This is what the problem is.  There is a stray cat that comes and goes and OH has been feeding it because it is so hungry.

It has been ill and now it is literally on its last legs.  Where we live, the vets do not do home visits and the cat is unused to humans.  From past experience, the only vets in town and around here, insist on RdVs even for end of life injections.  Then you need to sit in the waiting room until your turn!!  Sooooooooo thoroughly dreadful.

The poor cat is now having fits and, I think, is probably paralysed.  I fear it is just rotting away while still alive.

Is there anything like choloroform or those canisters of nitrous oxive that we can give it?  Can you get those things at the pharmacie or thoss shops that sell vapes and e-cigarretes?  I'd ring the pharmacien but would like to know what I am talking about beforehand.

Please give me the advice and the words to say?

Thank you.

PS apart from falling on my knees and praying to St Francis the patron saint of animals, I am at my wits end.

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My first thought would be don't do it. My last cat became ill during lockdown and I scoured the internet for ways of humanly killing him and all I found were dire warnings of what could happen if it went wrong. It's a horrible situation to be in Menthe and the only thing I can suggest ( if he's so afraid of humans that you're unlikely to get him to the vet ) is that perhaps a kindly hunter might put him out of his misery.


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Thank you for replying, Lori.  I really needed the contact and the support.

About 10 minutes later....

I tested him with a mirror to estalish he is really gone.  Now, we have wrapped him up in a pair of my old pyjama trousers and we will bury him tomorrow.

Thanks again DL and Lori.

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Thank you, everyone.  He wasn't our cat as such, he was a big, mangy stray when he appeared, several years ago now, half starved and very smelly.

But he'd appear now and again and we'd feed him and showed him he was under no threat from us.  Eventually, he realised that a plastic bag, laundry basket, whatever I was carrying wasn't some sort of weapon to attack him with.

He'd had his ups and downs like all strays.  A couple of years ago, we thought he'd lost one eye but, after a few months, the eye sort of gradually appeared again and was green and beautiful like the other one.

Then there were deep scratches, half his lower lip hanging off and so on.  But, he survived and became quite beautiful and would allow himself to be stroked though you had to be careful at all times and be aware that at any moment he could decide to claw at you.

So it wasn't a pain like the loss of an animal we had and cherished since its childhood but still we are sad.  And thank you for all your kindly comments.  I was in a bit of a panic seeing him in such a sorry state yesterday and didn't know what I could do to ease his suffering.

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Thank you, Cajal, the rain stopped long enough this morning to enable us to dig a hole to put him in.  We have horrible ground full of calcaire and builders' debris but the recent rain had softened it somewhat so we both set to and had a good work out.

I said goodbye to Omar Louis Williams and told him all his suffering was over. I know I shall remember him for a long time to come.

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