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We sold our house in France in July 2023. We had to appoint an independent advisor to assess our french tax liability, and we ended up paying a large amount of capital gains tax. We actually sold the house at a loss. The advisor insisted on us having bank statements from 15 years ago as the definitive evidence that we did pay for the house, which was a new build.

We didn't have them and couldn't get the from the bank and we had other evidence, but we still had to pay the capital gains.

We were told we can appeal and we are preparing that, but don't know what the format should be.

Has anyone else experienced this and what happened?

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You can file a claim with the tax office that issued the tax assessment, within three years from the date of the assessment. You need to send a letter explaining the reasons for your claim, and provide any supporting documents or evidence that can prove your purchase price or your entitlement to any allowances or exemptions. You can also request a meeting with the tax officer to discuss your case. The tax office will review your claim and issue a decision within six months. 

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