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Payment limit for Credit Agricole card

Carron Khalifah

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Hello all

Planning a trip in April to do renovation and have about 4000 € of purchases required at Mr Bricolage. However having just checked re payment limits it looks like there is a really low monthly payment total for the basic ÇA Mastercard.

Is this correct and if so how does anyone make large purchases at DIY stores?  Will they take a cheque? I believe they don’t deliver so I can’t order in advance and do a bank transfer.

Any clarity gratefully received!


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Either go and see the bank, or they will do it via e-mail (secure messaging) (we did this). Explain the situation, and they will increase your monthly payment allowance.................of course they will charge you for this - in our case in 2019 it was 11€ to have our limit increased for a period of 12 months. Or they may offer you a card with greater spending limits - that will cost a few euros too. Oh, how I miss free banking in UK - been here 18 years ?

Hope that helps,


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