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Carcassonne fireworks

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We have a friend arriving at Tolouse Blagnac at 8pm on the evening of 14th July who has heard about, and wants to see, the Carcassonne firework display that same evening!!!!!!(I know, I know!)
The best we can probably do is try rushing from Blagnac to somewhere near Carcassonne in the hope of seeing something. Has anybody here seen the display, if so where from, and have we a cat in h's change of witnessing the event?

Oh, and just heard Bowie has cancelled

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You are in the wrong bit of the forum ... SE France would help ... but here goes anyway!

I would personally get the train down from Toulouse, navette from the airport and then a train ... check the timetables as it's a holiday! Driving into Carcassonne on 14th will be something short of a nightmare, finding parking - even worse!

Walk across Square Gambetta (bottom end) and then walk up Rue du Pont Vieux ... before you reach the old bridge turn right and stand in front of the Trois Corounnes Hotel looking over the river. It's not usually too crowded there & I've always had a great view.

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