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Interested in Playing cricket in SW France?!

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Hello Everyone & sorry to post in both the sports section and here,

I am a member of Noé-Gascogne cricket club which is situated in the

heart of the Gers and welcomes all new members for the 2006 season (of

whatever ability! just make sure you love cricket![:)]). The club is

looking to built of a stronger team and plays in a nice friendly

atmosphere in front of the chateau at Isle de Noé. Contact details as

well as pictures and movies and more info can be found on our website:

www.cricketnoe-gascogne.com , hope to see you soon!

The club trains every Wednesday and there is usually a match on

Sat/Sunday (local teams or touring). Currently we have around 6 touring

teams planned and around 10 games with local teams. We are one of the

few clubs in France to play on a grass wicket. Email me if you're


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