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Our dog has gone missing

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Since last night, so 24 hours now.

We've been out calling on neighbours in our commune plus surrounding communes, driving around calling him but as yet no sign.   Fortunately there are no busy roads close by, but we just don't know how far he might have wandered.   He was spotted by several people yesterday in different directions.

He has gone missing before,but never for this length of time so we are quite concerned.

Is there anyone we can call, dog shelters, gendarmes etc.   Tomorrow we will go to the local vets as he is chipped and will give in all our details.

He's a black chow chow, he is soppy and soft around us, but he is very timid to strangers and will probably be trying to avoid humans.  He is a one man dog really.


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Put a poster together if you can and get it posted at all the local Mairies. Get it put up inthe local boulangers too as nearly everyone goes there and you will get more coverage. We adopted our dog from the SPA and she had been handed into the local Mairie.  Is there an SPA near you?  You don't say where you are, either look in the Pages Jaunes or ask your Mairie.

Good luck.

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I would definitely recommend getting some posters up. I'd put them in every shop I could think of - St Martial obviously, but I would even try somewhere like Shopi in Cenac and perhaps the supermarkets in Gourdon. I guess most people will go to supermarkets eventually - the one at Grolejac might even be worth a try.

Good Luck !

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We seem to be a magnet in this area for people handing in or looking for their lost dogs - this is what we do when we are trying to find an owner:

1. Posters in all bars, bakeries and Post Offices (inside and outside).

2. We speak to the assistant in the Mairie and also put a poster up in the building & outside.

3. Posters in all local vets & speak to the receptionists in every vet's within 10 mile radius.

4. We contact the SPA and the gendarmes (faxing through a poster is especially appreciated by SPA).

5.We tell the postman (most important - the postman is your most useful resource) & ask for his help.

6. Finally, in the case of lost dogs we gather up as much help as possible and drive around calling for the dog...........especially late at night when it is quiet.

7. We post on ex-pat forums like this one- a long shot but always possible.

8. We telephone everyone in the area with an English name in the phone book (local to where dog was found only) & ask them to keep an eye out, give dog's description etc. Ditto with French friends in the vicinity.

The last time we were asked to track down a missing dog he was found at the home of some summer visitors who took the dog in because they felt "sorry for him" but did not have the common-sense to tell anyone they had found a dog - I have a feeling it was the postman who helped us with that one.

Good luck - keep trying, do everything you possibly can.







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Mogs,  I know how upset you must be feeling at the moment.  Ours disappeared for about 3 hours yesterday, some kind soul had cut the top of our wire fencing and the dogs found it and were away following up all the interesting smells in the surrounding woods.  When I found out what had happened I am afraid I went into panic mode as the woods are regularly used by the local chasse at weekends.  Just as I was about to start calling friends to help us search for them they turned up with tails wagging obviously having enjoyed their adventure.

I do hope your dog turns up safe and sound, I will be thinking of you.



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I'm pleased to say he is back.    Apart from a limp (probably due to inflammation after all the running about he's done) he seems none the worse for his adventures.

A trip to the vet should see him back on form hopefully.

Thanks to everyone who sent messages in reply.

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He's always had the wanderlust in him, every opportunity he's ever had to escape then away he has gone.   He's too short to jump fences, but he can get through an open gate/door pretty damn quick.

Here is a photo of the wanderer, what a handsome chap!   Sorry I couldn't work out how to downsize the photo.


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Di's dog, an ex-male, has the run of the hamlet (I am not prepared to spend a small fortune in time and money fencing the garden/field to keep him in). He returns when called but only if and when he is ready and his favourite game is not returning to base when allowed out for his late night or even early evening toilet break. Result - he has to sleep in our lean-to, under a hedge or in a neighbour's barn until we get up in the morning.

We acquired him, aged 7,  from Phoenix/Poor Paws in June last year so have no idea whether this behaviour is new or the reason he had to be rescued. Either way he seems happy enough for now.


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Our kindly farmer spotted him in a field laying down, he tried to call him but Taz just grumbled at him - the daft dog doesn't realise when he's trying to be helped.

So the farmer came to tell us and OH went to get him.   Of course at first he thought he was dead when he saw him lying still.   But once he called his name, the tail started wagging and he tried to leap up but couldn't because of his stiff leg/hip.

Because of the breed he is, he really is a one family dog, he responds to no one but us.   A good thing in a way because there is no way he would let someone steal him.

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