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  1. LOL, I guessed something like that Mint(aka Polo ;) ). I didn't see the rugby, but checked that it was the right result! Will be even more pleased when Ireland win their match. I have Irish/Scottish heritage :)
  2. They are already registered as a business, which is why I find it odd.
  3. Are gites now being taxed as second homes? It sounds odd to me but a friend says she's received a demand from the tax office for their two gites, classing them as second homes.
  4. What do you do about people who smoke in a stated No Smoking gite? A friend of mine has had this problem with some local workers that left today and she says the gite stinks of smoke. She has already contacted the company that booked them in as they have left orange stains on bed sheets and mattress (the mind boggles!) with photos, but can't prove the smoking as the men said they didn't smoke.
  5. LOL, I don't know any donkeys called Martin! Mine are Mabel, her son Eeyore (had to be!) and another gelding called Victor. It's true that they should never be kept on their own as they get lonely and it's better if they are with another of their own kind, but other animals will do. A lot of donkeys do NOT like dogs and will chase them and even try and kill them if they get into the field. Mabel's field companion was a gelding called Mack and they had been together for some years when I got them. Mack died suddenly in November 2015 and Mabel was very down for a while, even thought she had Eeyore with her. I got Victor last summer so that I can continue going driving which is what I had started doing with Mack. Sorry, for hijacking the thread, I'll shut up!
  6. [quote user="mint"]Nothing to do with toads, midwife ones or otherwise. But I heard, up close, a real donkey hee-hawing away yesterday afternoon while out for a walk. The eeeeeeeeeeeee part is like a very shrill and ear-splitting whistle and the aaaaaawwwwwwww part is rather hoarse (ugh, I nearly wrote "horse") in contrast. If it were a singer, I'd have said it had tremendous range[:)] Now I know why the donkey is called Eeyore, the author knowing too well what sound donkeys make. I, OTOH, is an urban creature and I had no idea what donkeys sounded like until yesterday! [/quote] Come and visit me Mint and you can hear that each of my three donkeys has a different range and its own distinctive bray! :)
  7. E-mail comes from achatvip There is a website when you Google Achatvip: http://www.achatvip.com/
  8. Friends I am staying with have received an e-mail from a company called Achat VIP regarding a mandate for 199.51€. Their name, address, and phone number are quoted in the e-mail. Does anyone know this company as my friends don't know to what this refers and don't want to click on the attachment in case it's a scam of some sort.
  9. Grrrrr, this bl**dy website.
  10. [quote user="NormanH"]I haven't had this, but I wonder if it is being requested only from those whose health cover is provided by virtue of an S1 from another European Country?. [/quote] Ah, that's probably it, and we had to get forms from Newcastle last year now I think about it, so maybe this is now just a yearly follow up. Funny how you forget the things that seem such a pain to do at the time! Must be another Senior Moment.......what was I saying?
  11. Has anyone else received a form from l'Assurance Maladie asking for you to certify where you get your pension from? (France or other EEC country) I don't remember getting one before, but that doesn't mean we haven't!
  12. I only had the feuille de soins (couldn't remember the name) as one of the nurses who visited hadn't taken details of my Carte Vitale; I haven't had one from GP or Pharmacy for some time. We have 300% hospital cover, plus other expenditure (kine, pharmacy etc) but not much for dental or optical. I've had a look this afternoon at my 'Amelie' account (CPAM) and it was interesting to see how much they have paid out for my procedure, hospital stay, x-rays etc., etc. I've said for many years that NHS patients should be presented with an itemised bill every time they attend hospital, not to be paid but to show them how much the treatment actually costs; I think a lot of people would get quite a shock and maybe think twice before taking it all for granted.
  13. Well, some interesting points here. Yes, I do have a Carte Vitale which had to be presented at every opportunity (as you do!); of the two nurses who visited me during my stay with friends one took the CV details (they have a smart little mobile machine no bigger than a phone these days that reads it), the other nurse hadn't asked for it so I got given a form for her attendances to send to CPAM for repayment (brown, like those from chemist or GP), which was duly sent off. Since writing the last message my Mutuelle have paid the money into my account that I paid at the hospital the day I left. I have yet to see anything regarding the nurses payments, and presume I'll have another cheque to write next Tuesday when I finally finish the heparin injections (thank goodness!). CPAM have paid some small amounts into my account but I must access my account on- line to see to what they refer - not that I ever find the CPAM statements easy to figure out and I have forgotten my password, so will have to ask for another! The hospital in Brive were dealing with people as they left, it seems to be normal in this area to ask for payment before the patient leaves then give a receipt to send to the Mutuelle; goodness knows why they can't send it direct to the insurance company themselves as they already have the details when you are admitted. I'm having the other knee done in the Spring, better start saving up now! Happy Christmas to you all, Peace and Good Health for 2016.
  14. It's now been over three weeks since my knee replacement surgery (four weeks on Christmas Eve) and I've been very impressed with the care I've received. The Clinic in Brive was excellent, very clean, food tasted good and was hot (even if not always very inspiring to look at!) and the nurses kind and helpful and always checking I was not in any pain. I saw the consultant a couple of times during my five day stay, but the physio came every morning to put me through my paces, walking and doing stairs. Since leaving hospital I've seen a district nurse every day for heparin injections, to prevent blood clots and blood taken every five days to check platelets. As I went and stayed with friends for ten days post-hospital and she is a physiotherapist I didn't see the local physio although I was given a prescription for treatment with one if I'd needed it. Before we left the hospital I had to 'check-out' and pay my bill, which came to 520€ and was given a receipted invoice to send to my Mutuelle - still waiting for that to be paid! It amused me that there was a 1.5 lt bottle of water on my bedside table when I arrived at the hospital, for which they charged me - what's wrong with tap water? Now walking without elbow crutches at home, but using one when outside on the uneven ground. I'm due for a follow up appointment on the 4th January with the consultant, after first having x-rays done, so all in all a positive experience. I forgot to mention I had to pay the district nurses who came to my friends' house 220€ when I left, and will also need to pay the nurse visiting me here at home once she finishes the daily injections (next week). I'm not sure how people manage to pay these bills, or what happens, if they don't have the money available.
  15. That's a useful list - perhaps it should be made a sticky at the top of the section.
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