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  1. LOL, I guessed something like that Mint(aka Polo ;) ). I didn't see the rugby, but checked that it was the right result! Will be even more pleased when Ireland win their match. I have Irish/Scottish heritage :)
  2. They are already registered as a business, which is why I find it odd.
  3. Are gites now being taxed as second homes? It sounds odd to me but a friend says she's received a demand from the tax office for their two gites, classing them as second homes.
  4. I like your post Chancer - need a thumbs up icon on here!
  5. You asked why someone living in France would buy a car from the UK, I've told you why we do. As for the rest of your post I'm not sure what it's got to do with anything.regarding selling your car.
  6. What do you do about people who smoke in a stated No Smoking gite? A friend of mine has had this problem with some local workers that left today and she says the gite stinks of smoke. She has already contacted the company that booked them in as they have left orange stains on bed sheets and mattress (the mind boggles!) with photos, but can't prove the smoking as the men said they didn't smoke.
  7. [quote user="alittlebitfrench"]We dont have a Tescos in Paris. We have a M&S...yum yum. The LH drives on Gumtree, I guess they are not registered in France with all the the documents ??? How does it work. Why would someone living in France buy a RHD from the UK ? Ours are all registered in Paris and ready to go. I never sold a car in France before so it is all very exciting.[/quote] We buy from the UK because French secondhand cars are ridiculously expensive. Even with flying over to pick it up and drive it back, then re-registering it here, it works out cheaper than buying the equivalent car in France.
  8. LOL, I don't know any donkeys called Martin! Mine are Mabel, her son Eeyore (had to be!) and another gelding called Victor. It's true that they should never be kept on their own as they get lonely and it's better if they are with another of their own kind, but other animals will do. A lot of donkeys do NOT like dogs and will chase them and even try and kill them if they get into the field. Mabel's field companion was a gelding called Mack and they had been together for some years when I got them. Mack died suddenly in November 2015 and Mabel was very down for a while, even thought she had Eeyore with her. I got Victor last summer so that I can continue going driving which is what I had started doing with Mack. Sorry, for hijacking the thread, I'll shut up!
  9. [quote user="mint"]Nothing to do with toads, midwife ones or otherwise. But I heard, up close, a real donkey hee-hawing away yesterday afternoon while out for a walk. The eeeeeeeeeeeee part is like a very shrill and ear-splitting whistle and the aaaaaawwwwwwww part is rather hoarse (ugh, I nearly wrote "horse") in contrast. If it were a singer, I'd have said it had tremendous range[:)] Now I know why the donkey is called Eeyore, the author knowing too well what sound donkeys make. I, OTOH, is an urban creature and I had no idea what donkeys sounded like until yesterday! [/quote] Come and visit me Mint and you can hear that each of my three donkeys has a different range and its own distinctive bray! :)
  10. E-mail comes from achatvip There is a website when you Google Achatvip: http://www.achatvip.com/
  11. Friends I am staying with have received an e-mail from a company called Achat VIP regarding a mandate for 199.51€. Their name, address, and phone number are quoted in the e-mail. Does anyone know this company as my friends don't know to what this refers and don't want to click on the attachment in case it's a scam of some sort.
  12. Grrrrr, this bl**dy website.
  13. [quote user="NormanH"]I haven't had this, but I wonder if it is being requested only from those whose health cover is provided by virtue of an S1 from another European Country?. [/quote] Ah, that's probably it, and we had to get forms from Newcastle last year now I think about it, so maybe this is now just a yearly follow up. Funny how you forget the things that seem such a pain to do at the time! Must be another Senior Moment.......what was I saying?
  14. Has anyone else received a form from l'Assurance Maladie asking for you to certify where you get your pension from? (France or other EEC country) I don't remember getting one before, but that doesn't mean we haven't!
  15. I've had a La Poste account for quite a few years now and have no problems with them. It's useful that you can use it in any part of France; I don't have any problems paying for goods in the UK with my card when visiting over there and it's easy to transfer funds between the current a/c and the Livret A on-line. My brother has opened accounts with them now as he's building a house over here and he finds it easy for the on-line banking when he want to pay suppliers etc. or for transferring from his UK account into his French one. All in all much prefer them to either CA or Banque Populaire who we used in the past.
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