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caravan gear

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Being born again caravanners sans enfants (picking the van up in a couple of weeks), we now need to reacquire all the bits and pieces like waste water, mains connector, towing mirrors etc.

If you have anything to offer, we'd be pleased to receive a pm or e-mail.


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We bought a French caravan last year and needed an awning and all the other bits and pieces, electric lead etc. We went to out local caravan supply center in Limoges to be told that an awning would be 1800 euro and there was no choice, only one type available, and it would be a 4 - 6 week order and only one type of ground sheet and again another delay. Other items we looked at seemed very expensive and the shop was rubbish compared to the caravan supply shops in the UK so............

surfed the internet and came across Towsure in the uk, www.towsure.com and you can surf through their on line shop and then email your order through to the export centre at Sheffield. A very nice girl rang us and confirmed certain things and then we placed the order for £900 sterling worth of gear from awning to a wine glass including delivery. We paid with Visa and a week later the girl rang to say the order had just left the depot and two days later it arrived in France, everything just as we wanted it.

Their customer service was brilliant. We saved alot of money and did not have to wait weeks for a delivery. Hope this helps.

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