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[quote user="cooperlola"]

Well I got home on Wednesday and have had my feet up pretty much since then.  Just come back from the hospital where I saw my surgeon to discuss the biopsy results from the stuff they removed last week and all was benign and clear.  Next appointment is in three months' time for monitoring.


Fairport here we come.


phew!  now if I may... dont you think you've done enough medical research?  Perhaps you should call it a day with the medical stuff and get on with a healthy, peaceful happy ever after! xx

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[quote user="suej"]Really lovely to read that news.  Very best wishes to you.[/quote]

Sorry to butt in on your thread, Coops, forgive me but I just need to ask suej whether she's received the PM I sent her.

Sue, don't bother replying if you are short of time, just say "yes" if you've read it.[:)]


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Thank you  Sweet, yes and how I appreciated it.   I started to reply last night  and then allowed myself to be interrupted by hunger pangs...went on a 'healthy snack' scrummage and ended up with a cheddar cheese doorstep in my hand and with lashings of chutney too.  How pathetic is that- wish I'd finished my email instead! Will  do today


....with excuses to Cooperlola and all , (for interrupting I mean- evening binges hardly excusable)

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Thanks all.  I'm off to the UK a week tomorrow (Mr C is going to drive me out and make his own way back).  Fairport on the Friday in TW then I have to spend a few days with my ma' to sort out her affairs and power of attorney. Luckily a friend of hers has agreed to take this on which is a huge weight off my mind as I can't always deal with these things at a distance.

Mr C is going to see his friend whose pancreatic cancer is now untreatable and we will also see our erstwhile neighbour who is also terminal but off at the end of the month to the US where she will be the first British woman to take part in a radical new treatment.  These people make me feel very well off by comparison.  None of us with cancer can do much about the disease from a medical standpoint, we have to leave that to the experts, we just have to get on and live the life we have to the full.

That's enough philosophising for one night - there's some biche in the oven.[:P]

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