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[quote user="just john "]

A holiday, a holiday, and the first one of the year.
If I thought they'd be playing little Matty I'd be there too[:D]

[/quote]They still play out every gig with Matty followed by Meet on the Ledge, John, so no excuses now!  Simon (Nicol) sent me a lovely e-mail when I failed to make Cropredy for the first time since '79.  Great bunch of lads.  Still so miss Sandy though, but at least I made her last concert (not that I knew that it would be the last when I went, of course.)

Jazz Fusion?  Well one thing I know is that there aren't any singers on the stuff he plays - not a fan of the human voice as instrument isn't our Mr Coops.  Which is a bit of a beggar as I used to have a good voice before my accident.  I try to shut the door when it's on so can't tell you too much about it but Miles Davis is its most famous (and possibly earliest?) proponent.


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[quote user="sueyh"]Actually Sweet 17, the breast man said I will have the breasts of a 20 year old!! Problem is I can see that in thirty years when I am in my eighties, I'll be all wrinkly with these two perky breasts that knock my false teeth out when I run!!! [:P]

Sue x

Hey, Sue, if you can still run in your eighties.......don't knock it (seeing as we are talking about knockers?)

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[quote user="just john "]Can't say I know any of them personally,[;-)] but the volume always goes up when they are on, (we'll be N11/12 so we might catch up then)[/quote]


I don't know them personally either but I posted on the site that I wasn't able to come and got a personal e-mail in reply.  They just seem to be genuinely nice guys and the festival is so refreshingly uncommercial as they run it themselves without sponsors and are managed from within. 

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Hi all

Wishing the lot of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  I've said this so often that it's getting boring but thanks to all for their messages of encouragement, for their practical help, and for the good vibes that those who don't necessarily post but whom one knows are there, nevertheless send - thus egging me on.

I had my last (for the moment anyway) chemo on Thursday and, subject to a final scan, that should be it on the poisonous chemical front for a while at least.  The Coops have thus decided that today is Christmas Day so the chapon is in the oven and the Canard Duchene is in the frigo, the crackers on the table - all ready for the off!  I know that by the arrival of the real Christmas day the thought of any sort of food apart from dried bread and Coca Cola will look distinctly unappetizing so we opened our presents this morning and had foie gras and buck's fizz for lunch.[:P]

The insurance agent came this afternoon and the majority of the works to finish converting the house have been approved so I can now give the builder the go-ahead and thus might  well be able to use the upstairs by this time next year (I never hold my breath with workmen of any nationality so I don't know when this will happen).  They have also authorised a couple of thousand in addtional labour costs to cover some of the stuff we'd normally have done ourselves so that we can complete the work already in progress but pay the standard hourly rate to get somebody else in to do it.  All in all, a satisfactory outcome on that front but still no news on the compensation front as the lady dealing with the lorry driver's end has had a stroke so everything is being dealt with by somebody who doesn't know me.  Still, the two docs are still on it and they are in the process of assigning monetary values to my various problems and I should get a ball-park compensation figure by the end of Jan.  It is taking its time though.

All the best to all on the forum - even the lurkers!  Have a great Christmas.

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[quote user="You can call me Betty"]Well, as I may almost be too late for your Christmas, Coops, I wish you a happy and hopefully much healthier New Year, and thanks for being one of the people that make this forum a pleasure to read. [:D]

Wot she said, with golden bells on! [:D]

Merry Christmas both x

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Just a quick update as some of you have been kind enough to ask.

The scan after my final chemo was clear and the blood results are very good. 

I'm now in hospital waiting for what should be the final treatment, at least for the moment.  It's called "curage" (what I always thought was sort of mucking out, but what the heck) and involves 3 surgeons as they get pretty close to the aorta so it's a bit delicate!  With luck I should be back home within a week but have been booked into the observation ward for the post-op tomorrow night, just in case.

Digits crossed, all.


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