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Trump to win?


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Here's an interesting look at why Clinton failed - and Trump appealed to American voters - from all races and backgrounds.

Clinton tried the 'appeal' to 'this' group, and 'that' group - and any other 'group' - that was a minority.   HC forgot the great main-stream, middle mass of ALL American citizens.

It's an interesting read - but still doesn't get to the heart of the problem - because mainly it's a Guardian piece, and no matter how 'un-biased' any Guardian writer, the in-built bias is there, but nevertheless a more nuanced 'long read' than most in the Guardian.


What's happened is that a vast majority of voters felt excluded from any Decision Making - they had NO influence over any decisions taken that affected their lives.

They've seen the multi-nats take over, employ cheap labour, or move jobs abroad.    Echoes with the eu perhaps ?

The ordinary little people were not so much left behind - as not consulted, not considered - treated with disdain - they didn't count;  any complains or concerns were dismissed as the usual 'racist, x-p i' blah blah sneers;  remember the comment from HC about 'deplorables'.

The American election was won - not on grounds of race, or women's 'glass ceilings', or the LGT groups (whatever that is...) - the stereotyping that has gone on in the past -

counted for nothing - because they are not relevant.

The American People, the middle Americans - have seen their dream destroyed;  the 'elites', the establishment were seen as remote; not caring; not understanding; not bothered.

And all Clinton could talk about was the 'glass ceiling' for women.   Dear Lordy - most working women who have to cope with long hours in boring jobs, with child-care problems, mutually supporting husband/partner (with possibly 2 jobs), paying the mortgage, possibly caring for elderly parents -

hasn't got a clue about the glass ceiling - she's not even on the glass step.

What HC had to say to most Americans was totally irrelevant;  I can understand why women didn't vote for her.

Trump might not be the disaster the loopy lefties are rather hoping he will be;  but at least it's shaken up the comfortable little establishment clique - and that is not a bad outcome.

As for all those celebs threatening to move to Canada - yeah - really !!

Like all our pathetic value-signalling little MPs and do-gooders - how many of them taken in any of the Calais 'children' - how many - really - just how many !!!!!!!!

Don't they realise just how stupid and foolish they have made themselves - just confirmed what most of us suspect;  no brain-cells - just appear anywhere to say anything - and because they can sing they can tell the world how clever they are.

Give me strength.

As for comment about how many taxi-drivers there are who know how to put the world to rights;  I'd rather have a Government of 20 taxi-drivers, with business nous and common-sense than most MPs who are self-preening, vain, out-of-touch value-signalling little twerps.


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[quote user="woolybanana"] And this man is gonna run the US. Shame, shame![/quote]

And This woman wanted to run the US. Shame, shame!

In August 2013, the New York Post broke a story showing the Clinton Foundation had spent $50 million on private travel.

Former President Bill Clinton had apparently become addicted to private

jets. The general election was still more than three years away, and

already the Clinton Foundation was transforming from a well-meaning

charity to a private slush fund enriching the Clintons, making a mockery

of Hillary’s claim the next year that her family was “dead broke.”



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[quote user="woolybanana"]I did not mention Mrs Clinton.[/quote]

Ah, but I did and it would appear that the irony of your earlier post is lost on yourself.

Up and until Jan 20th 2017 a chap, name of Obama, will be keeping the Oval office desk seat warm ( that is when he's not out of the office on jollies.)  Until then anything could happen.

So, here we have the two final contenders vying to become POTUS, of which there can only be one winner, and suprise suprise.....they've both had their hands' in the till.



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