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LAST EDITED ON 19-Jan-04 AT 08:21 PM (GMT)

I access the LivingFrance website from both my home PC and my work PC. I tried to log in to the forum on my work PC today only to be told that my username didn't exist. I then logged in on my home PC and it was fine (cookies set to remember me) until I logged out - and then once again I was told I didn't exist when I tried to log back in or request my password to be sent to me again.

Anyone else had problems? (I've now re-registered)


P.S I re-registered with the same username and have just noticed that it has remembered the number of posts I have made in the past - strange!
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LAST EDITED ON 22-Jan-04 AT 06:04 PM (GMT)

Yep,tried to access the site on another pc and I didn't exist either.I had a good look in the mirror and decided I really WAS still me,so kept trying.Eventually I gave in and re-registered with a
different handle Not sure what depths I dredged this name from tho
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