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Login difficulties - important info


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Having had several messages via another forum from members who cannot log in to this one, a fact has come to light about login problems here.

It appears that a lot of members who had, in the past, chosen to keep e-mail addresses secret seem to be listed in the member files as [email protected] - this apparently originated from when the old forum went wrong some time ago. Some people ended up either with e-mail addresses like the above, or with another user's e-mail addresses, and if they had not noticed this in their old forum profiles they would not have received notification of the new login arrangements.

If you have tried e-mailing forum admin (who is on holiday at present, though somebody else on the LF staff was supposed to be monitoring his messages in case of problems) without success in this matter, then if you contact me at mailto:[email protected] stating your username and correct e-mail address I should be able to reset your registration details myself.


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