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Are you getting email notifications?


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[quote] Right back on topic.  I dont opt for emails in case I get jammed up.[/quote]

Tina prefers getting chocolated up..............each to their own fancy I guess.[:)]

Twinks, shoot me.   Two in one go, that'll be a few less PM's and more space with Wanadoo......[kiss]

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[quote user="Cassis"]All of mine are set to 'Yes' - I've no idea if that's what I had before!  What's a collapsing panel?

A collapsing panel will alter the appearance of the forum. I don't like it that way - but you might ?

Twinkle - it should be OK - the email option that says yes, is the one that allows people to email you using the email button at the bottom left of your message. The others are on 'no'. Give it 24 hours and let me know if its working.

Better start on the Vit B6[;-)][;-)] just in case !!


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