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Are you getting email notifications?


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No, I'm not.

I'm glad you posted this Cassis because I've had problems too. I thought that it was something to do with the fact that we had a power cut which didn't do my computer settings any good.

I also sent a private message which I think has disappeared into the ether.

Note to Admin - yes I have checked that the right box is ticked on my settings page - honest.

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Got home this evening and was informed that I had 14 PM's - I know I'm popular [;-)] but this is a first.  Logged on -  only to discover that in fact I had just TWO PMs.  I didn't even ask to be informed of PMs in the first place and it's quite annoying as I have a small inbox - thanks to the robbers of Wanadoo who want me to pay extra for extra space.  I'd rather leave the space free for e-mails from my family rather than notifications of PMs which I check daily anyway. 

What can I do to get rid of the problem?
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I've said yes to e-mails but not to notifications of messages. 

I can't change my details - James had to do it for me last time.  Can you get rid of it for me please and if so could you also delete my signature - ta very much!

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