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"Part of trip" insurance for EHIC top-up

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My wife and I have annual cover with Norwich Union, but this is limited to 60 days per trip and they say they have no facility to increase this or even to provide single trip cover.  We are in France and we need to have work done on the roof of our house and it looks as though this will not be completed before our 60 days cover expires so we are looking to extend this by 28 days.  Does anyone know where I can get cover for this situation, ie where the period of cover does not apply to the whole of the period of a single trip?

We are UK residents, both have EHIC cards and have not made any claims in the past eight years.  We are only concerned about topping up the EHIC cover, but recognise that this usually forms part of a wider package.

Any advice would be appreciated as this seems to fall outside the availability of tick-box insurance.


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If you are in the UK surely you can take a one off holiday insurance from someone else?

Is there a reason why you are not just taking insurance out for specific dates?



And to be honest, me being me, I reckon I'd cancel my current one and start again with a new company who was more flexible.

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