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How do you feel ?

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Little ALBF (son) went with his French Grandpapa by car to the boulangerie this morning. A bloke on the radio was talking about Brexit.

The French radio bloke said 'I am glad they are gone'. (That is the UK out of the EU).

I get the feeling this bloke don't like the British. LOL.

Little ALBF did not know what to do or say in front of his grandpapa. But he did find it funny.

So how do you feel with only a few hours left of not being an a member of the EU ?

Are you an outsider in France ? Do you belong ?

So how do ya feel ?

Me, it is an end of an era. It will never feel home again. Even after 24 years.
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You left out the Italians, they are longing to leave. To me its sad, yes the MEPs and EU were a lunch club paid for by us but it was at least working and post Brexit and covid how much of britain will be?

We have to make the most of it because we have to so pucker up and lets ride the next chapter.

Boris's father has applied for residential status, poor france!
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I have to admit I that above all I am impatient to see how it all pans out.

I've got used to the idea that the UK left the EU in February, I had my "end of an era" moment back then. I suppose I have always been a rootless kind of person so it wasn't traumatic, just a bit sad, I was never a British flag waver although I have nothing against the UK, wouldn't say I love it exactly but I rub along with it quite happily; and although I love France I can't say I feel at all French. When I first moved there I thought I might eventually, but it didn't happen.

I suppose I am in the fortunate position of being able to bide my time decide which way to jump when some kind of a picture starts to emerge of post Brexit Britain. Actually I think it is going to be a mess and I don't think Scotland will want to be part of it, and very possibly not NI either,.I think there will be arguments about that, and I think there may also be friction with the EU, I'm not sure everything will run smoothly at first (if ever, for as long as Johnson is PM). I would be suprised if England prospers mightily in the near future, I foresee one crisis after another. But then, life is full of surprises.

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I personally think the UK will prosper better than France .

There is a different type of atitude in the UK than in France.

I don't think it was the right decision but the UK will make it work.

France will just stagnate like they have done for the last 10 years.

I'm guessing fireworks tonight in France. Stay at home. Unless you want a new car.
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[quote user="Théière"]

Boris's father has applied for residential status, poor france![/quote]

I think you'll find that Stanley Johnson's mother was born in Versailles and his grandmother was French. He is applying for a French passport for the purposes of dual nationality.

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I feel fine.

Wondering how it is all going to pan out, but it will be OK whether it be sooner or later.

Never felt to me like the french were 'good' europeans, just happy with what used to be a big slice of the agricultural cake for many years.

I need to transfer money soon from France, AND send my son and his OH a parcel. The transfer, well, hopefully will be still fairly easy and the parcel should just be like sending one to say Canada, shouldn't it, so no big deal either.

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We were devasted when we watched the news after the June 2016 result.

Now, after so much haggling, we are just glad to see it eventually done so everyone can move on and deal with something far more important, C-19.

No-one knew or understood what they were voting for in real terms, nor how it will work, let the muddling through commence.

Selfishly, only the Euro/Sterling rate is of real consequence to us.
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Been in / out france since 2004. Moved around a bit, moved to Cornwall since then and now a place in both UK/France.

Felt okay in Cornwall until 2016, since then theres been a sense of being a foreigner there, I know I am in France but didn't feel like one.

In Cornwall, I have been told to go back where I came from when someone heard me saying brexit was a bad idea.

In lockdown early 2020 my neighbour mentioned it might be better if I was at my other place, only locals allowed in the shop (It had been our main home but spent more time in France), they said this a week after I offered to do their shopping, they didn't drive so I offered to do it or take them.

At our place in France during same lockdown I found out a neighbour had cut our grass and hedges, better than it had ever been, we haven't spoke much, he doesn't understand a word I say (I get same in Cornwall) and me same with his, he speaks so fast. Am told hes happy we bought, previous tenants had not looked after the place and treated it like a decheterie

Have to say I have had good response from the locals in Brittany, the friendliest I have noticed in my 17 years and 5 departments.
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If I were starting again, I might opt for somewhere like Laugharne in South Wales. It's just the thought of all that rain.... Didn't seem to bother Dylan Thomas, though. That said, when not cooped up in his writing cabin, he was in the pub.

Yes, that might work for me.
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[quote user="alittlebitfrench"]I lived in Cornwall for a year in the 80's. I was only 16.

They were fecking wierd down there even then.

They don't like anyone, even themselves.

Cornwall......no thanks.

I would rather be BinB's neighbour.

Ooh hang on, he is from Cornwall.[/quote]

We bought a house there and moved to Cornwall in 1978, after 15 years living overseas, with the intention of living there permanently.

After 2 years of being regarded as wealthy outsiders who could be treated with contempt, conned in many ways, and a dreadful school system, we had had enough.

Wouldn't go there again if it were the last place on earth.

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Me neither, I think Cornwall is overrated.  But I love Somerset and think it's overlooked when people drive straight through to get to Cornwall!

Had to move out of Somerset because of work commitments.  In fact, if I ever got tired of France, I might go back there to live.  Don't know about the natives though, all our friends were mostly from other parts of the country or the world[8-)]

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mint wrote the following post at 01/01/2021 21:51:

I love Somerset and think it's overlooked when people drive straight through to get to Cornwall!

That made me smile Mint. My only holiday last summer was managing to snatch a few days in Cornwall in the campervan, between lockdowns. It's a fair drive from Wales so we set off early and the journey was going well until on the M4 in Somerset, traffic came to a halt. And we sat there without turning a wheel for over 3 hours. Afterwards I read in the papers that some poor desperate soul had gone for a walk across the motorway in front of an HGV, and they'd had to close the motorway completely in both directions to land a helicopter on the other carriageway, to do their incident investigations and clear up the mess and everything. So much for driving straight through Somerset..

I agree the Cornish are definitely odd but I don't mind that, I like odd people, I am one myself. I once had a Cornish work colleague who was absolutely obsessed by pirates. I love Somerset and Devon and Cornwall for holidays but I'm not tempted to live there. How lovely a place is, isn't one of the main factors for me when it comes to deciding where to live. Of course I wouldn't want to be in a horrible place, but choosing a place to settle down is about so more than just the countryside.
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Cornwall, overrated? possibly

Everywhere is a pain to get to, parking is extortionate, restaurants over priced.

I preferred living north coast than south but preferred the sea views of the south, no boats on the north coast. People seemed friendlier in the north but most were incomers and that was prior to 2016 vote, who knows now.

But its much milder than much of rural France in winter, thats why we chose Cornwall and Finistere.

Each to their own as they say
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ET, you'd mean the M5 rather than the M4 if driving from Wales to Somerset.  We did that journey every weekend for a fair few years, with 2 cats in the back of the car.

We used to leave Wales later and later after work on Friday, hoping to avoid the traffic but, TBH, the M5 could be nose to nose, cars, caravans, lorries, you name it at midnight or 1 o'clock in the morning.  Horrendous.......

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