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[quote user="Alan Zoff"]I would have thought you would use both. M4 to Bristol then pick up M5 to go south? Suppose it depends what part of Wales you are starting from[/quote]

Yes, AZ, from South Wales;  M4 then M5.  M4, barring accidents or high winds and bridge closure, is not usually where the congestion is.  M5 is another matter, chock a block whatever the time of day.  Don't the English always say once people are in Wales, they can't wait to get out?[:-))]

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I will always be European, as Brits we are. I'm sad about leaving the EU, I'm just an invader for now as I don't envisage ending my days here in France

My fear is ending up in EHPAD

For that, if it comes, I'd prefer to be in UK

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Yes, the retirement home, whether EHPAD or in UK, is a scary thought I try to avoid.

Mog's post did remind me however of something as I was passing the time in lockdown remembering old acquaintances. One such was a school friend who was best man at my wedding, although I have long since forgiven him for that. I recalled sitting next to him in a science class, when both aged 13 and both whispering serious nonsense - anything to avoid listening to a boring teacher rambling on about a boring subject.

We made a pact that we would kill ourselves if we should ever reach the enormous age of 30. (Blame The Who.)

Now both coming up to our 67th birthdays and I am pretty sure that at least one of us remains extant.
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 I had a neighbour living just over the road from us who was always on about wanting to die in the country of her "mother tongue".  I suppose that to mean in the UK because she was English.

A few years after that she did move back to the UK and within a couple of years both she and her husband had died somewhere in the Wash region.  So, perhaps that was a "death wish"?  Whatever it was, she had her wish fulfilled.

Maybe she didn't expect to have it fulfilled that quickly but, as they say, be careful what you wish for because you might just get it![:-))]

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