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Stories from the South West


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Has anyone else read this interesting article in November's LF magazine? It's started me mentally planning a literary tour. Have always wanted to follow in Robert Louis Stevenson's footsteps across the Cevennes, though preferably without the donkey. But I never realised there were quite so many museums around dedicated to the many writers with links to the area.

Mauriac's house near Langon sounds interesting (it overlooks Chateau Yquem), as does Edmond Rostand's "sumptuous Villa Arnaga...with its formal gardens facing the Pyrenees". This was built on the proceeds from "Cyrano".

Finally, I know the film is due to be released soon but has anyone read Rose Tremain's "The Swimming Pool Season", set en Perigord apparently? I adored "The Way I Found Her" and not simply because it was set in Paris.

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