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Yesss gorgeous pic!!  How lovely.. My son saw them and he said   " awwwww .."  He loves animals as much as I do..

Yes, cats  just love the heat, I loved the anecdote of the recharger power pack.. [:D]

Once we had some close friends' cat while they were on holidays, and the two cats cuddled like that.!!

It was funny cos both being black and white cats , I could not even regonize my own cat when they were cuddling..

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Frenchie if you like that one you will like this one of my ginger man spreading a bit of local gossip[:)]

Can you see how shocked little Balloo is on hearing this piece of gossip ?



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I just love all these animal pics.

Davy (techie cat) certainly does know how to push my buttons.  When he's got his mouth closed and his eyes open (lol) they are the most gorgeous blue.  He's everyone's pal and is a real tart when it comes to getting stroked.  He loves a good belly rub, but he does have a tendency to go for your legs when he's in a mischevious mood.  I have the scars to prove it (and so do some of my visitors).  Good job they don't mind.  He does like to snuggle up on the bed with us at night, but he's no lightweight when he jumps up onto it.  You DO know he's there.

But I wouldn't swap him.  His sisters a cute one too (silver tabby), but she's camera shy.

Love Platon and Biggles is a real cutie too.


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[quote user="Suninfrance"]Whole new meaning to "lap cat".  Davy has taken to sleeping in my laptop case.


We're talking 15" screen which fits snuggly into the laptop case - as does Davy.


Nice one, but !!! will the zip do up??[6]

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I've been looking for this one for a while now, its my dog Milly the day she came home after having her dew claws off at the vets.

She loves to 'beg', self taught I may add! better view from up there, sometimes I walk into a room and she is 'begging' and no-one can see her!!



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