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Maxwell & Mimmie


Daisy & Dora


Goat (Badger)

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[quote user="Bugbear"]

[quote user="Dirty Tom"]Bug bear can I name your goat Badger Pleaseeeeeeee[/quote]



Oh goodie I have always wanted to offically name some thing[8-|]  Will you really name her?/ him?  Badger now? Im so proud................

Lucky you all those animals, its a live long dream of mine to have donkeys and goats. One day.............  

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Bobby The Long Eared Circus Cat.

In the background is dear Billy (now deceased) who had more sense than to take his eyes away from the tea time meaty treat provider.

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Utopie, from RescueDogue, here in France, she has been our co-owner for 10 months now.


Scalli, who came here with us from South Africa.


and the pair of them together, watching for the postie who provides their best opportunity for a good bark.[6]




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They are absolutely beautiful Anne !


Back in the beginning... Lisa who crossed the Channel with me back in 1968 when she was six months old (and never to be forgotten).  Here, later in her life, on holiday in Spain at her favourite pastime, plane spotting.



Lisa's first holiday in France (still a baby) at Loquirec and on a weekend in the country



Then while we were on holiday in Spain Juan decided to take up lodgings with us.  Juan upstairs-downstairs in Paris (he soon learnt how to sit lika a Dane!)



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Really lovely photo's! [:)]

After seeing Christine's Lisa, I felt I must post a photo of my beloved Leo [:(]. The most gentle and intelligent dog I have ever known. I don't have any photo's on this computer and none of him on Photobucket so had to scan these. The little one is still with me.[:)]  Sorry, I don't want to make this morbid but this is quite timely because I will be picking his up ashes next week. Even though it has been over five months, I just haven't had the heart to do it until now.[:'(]




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Mozzie, staying cool on the tiles.


Called mozzie for 'mosquito', he was a true ankle biter when a kitten 6yrs ago.We found him after his mother had dissappeared, presumably killed by a car. He was barely weaned and would fit into the palm of your hand. Now he's a 'giant' cat, those tiles are 45cm.


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I think I have seen a 'photo of the lovely Lisa before Christine.  She was such a beautiful, elegant girl and Juan certainly has learned some Danelike traits.  In the days when we had a swimming pool we had a Dane who would sit on the steps like that on a hot day to cool off.  She would never go in tho'.

And  as for Leo,  isn't it strange how sometimes there is one who is just that bit more special, it is not that you love the others any less, it is just that you love them a tiny bit more.  Megan, the girl on my avatar was one of those.   Then of course they go, and break your heart[:(].

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